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  1. Afaik, there are different versions of the slip on for the VFR. Genuine honda part O8F88-MJM-900 has the baffle fixed in place via a tack weld so that it can't be removed, easily. If you buy the Akrapovic as an aftermarket slip on, the baffle has a small 10mm bolt that can be undone and the baffle removed. The bolt to remove the baffle is in the end of the muffler, right next to the outlet on the left hand side on the inner wall of the tear drop shaped recess. Once you have removed the bolt, it's a tight fit and a bit hard to get out. I find it best if you push the outlet up/down and wiggle it out a bit at a time. It's not overly loud with it out, but gives the Vee four an awsome note.
  2. Akrapovic. Since taking these pics, I have discovered that the Akrapovic sticker peels of fairly easily if you prefer. DB killer gives it an almost stock sound, fairly quiet to keep the neighbours happy. With it out, it sound just like a V4 VTEC should.
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