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  1. Buying advice - 8th gen

    Thanks for all the info everyone. Sorry this post is a random dump of my scattered thoughts, but here goes... Local dealer didn't have solo cowl installed, so that's something to track down. It replaces the rear seat completely, right? Can't blame Honda for the VFR front forks not being raceworthy, no matter what they do it's hard to be a sport-tourer and please everyone when laden weight might range from a svelt 50kg sportrider to over 150kg with luggage. Despite some critics describing the VFR as "soft", I find it has way more front end manners than all the expensive liter+ adventure bikes that are being marketed so hard these days. For those who care, it's on us to make the mods to optimize the ride for our specific needs. A call to Daugherty might happen further down the line for the forks no matter what. Thanks for pointing out the DLX has adjustability. That sounds quite nice when loading up for a trip, that might be the decider to go DLX. Speaking of mods, some things are just given. Heavy Honda exhaust is one of the first things to go. I will almost certainly ditch the center stand as well. Got a work stand at home, no sense carrying around the weight. I'm leaning toward Coffman's because of weight/size and ease of baffle mods. People say the $$$ Arrow or $$$ TBR or $$$ Akro may sound better but are they 200% better? Maybe Delkevic is the best tradeoff. Youtube videos I've seen thus far are close to worthless in helping a person decide. People: You may love your portable phones and GoPros for video recording, but please realize that the sound from those ultraportable electronic things SUCK. I have had very good luck with my existing Givi cases. I am leaning toward attempting a custom refit of my old Wingrack to the new VFR to allow the use of my current side cases or any other Givi version with the flat back mounting. If that fails, then yes, Givi currently only recommends V35 side cases for the 8th gen VFR -- much cheaper than OEM Honda sidecases unless you guys know of a good bargain out there. Sometimes living in provincial pacific northwest is just plain depressing. Prices in central states & east coast are $1000 less than advertised here, and then the local dealers here tack on another $800+ in unadvertised setup fees. Grrrrrr. Makes me want to look at importing a Canadian model. RVFR, sorry but white is just not the color. My old '92 has enough wear and tear that the dealer isn't willing to give me hardly anything for it. I will probably end up selling it for pennies next spring. I plan to ride it all winter as always. GatorGreg - you really know how to accessorize your VFR! :-)
  2. Hello all, I could use your expert guidance! The time has come, I think I'm finally going to replace my current trusty steed, a 3rd gen 1992 VFR750. She still runs well but plenty of cosmetic wear and it's time to pass it on to a beginner rider. After doing all the research to identify the next best motorcycle made since then ... I've decided that the 8th generation VFR800 is the one to buy. To be honest, I was surprised at how little Honda has changed the VFR in 25 years. All in all that's not a bad thing. I am not interested in 200 more cc's and 50 more hp or anything like that. But like everyone, I wish Honda would put some effort into weight reduction. Anyway, now I have the big dilemma of whether to get a basic model or the DLX. I am told the DLX offers 4 things: antilock brakes, traction control, heated grips, self cancelling turn signals. My usage would include plenty of commuting in the city and weekend trips, mostly year round on everything from wet roads to high desert canyons. From a 25+ year rider who isn't accustomed to the DLX features, are these really worth the extra dough? Warm hands are nice but aren't the heated grips an easy to install kit? I like the idea of antilocks but i can't see the need for traction control at all. Haven't had the chance to test ride the Deluxe model yet and unfortunately it sounds like ordering one means commiting to buy one. Local dealer has a 2014 basic model on the floor for $8k (plus all the fees and taxes and stuff). I inquired about a DLX model and was told they could get one, and the price would be about $10k plus fees/tax/etc, to be verified. Seems like cycletrader has a few scattered around the nation for $1k or so less, though I infer some of these might be demo models with milage and some light wear. Or is my local dealer too expensive? Couple more questions: - is the solo seat cowl standard equipment? - is the centerstand standard equipment? - has anyone fitted legacy Givi Monokey side cases (flat back like E21 and E360)? My VFR750 currently has a Givi Wingrack & good condition hard cases that are fantastic. Would anything stop me from transferring the old Givi kit over? I know the side case & pannier rack design has changed from what I see on the Givi site, but how hard could it be to just form my own adapter fit kit to the Wingrack? Anyone recommend other options? Pix for your viewing pleasure: OLD / NEW glamour shots. The more things change, the more the VFR stays the same! Thanks for all your insights!

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