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  1. Thanks! Didn't know there was an existing thread. That looks nice.
  2. Bought a pair of the Emgo mirrors for my '98 VFR but cannot use the stock bolts to mount them. Does anyone know where I can source some Allen type bolts? The thinnest wall sockets I have won't go around the bolt heads once they get down inside the mounting bracket, especially the fwd one. Also for those who have installed these mirrors did you use both rubber gasket and metal washer or just the rubber gasket? I can see the edges of the metal washer sticking out around the mounting bracket so don't want to use those if they aren't necessary. I believe I can get the bolt size from the service manual but I'm concerned I may order the wrong type threads. I'm a bit thread-illitereate.
  3. So, I need some advice. The original 10 mm bolts are so close to the inside of the mounting bracket I can't get a socket on it-not even my thinnest wall sockets. I assume most use allen head bolts? If so what size? Also how much of the original rubber gasket and metal piece are you guys using? I was only going to use the rubber gasket as one can see the edges of the metal piece.
  4. Yes-stock except for several set of new pads over the years.
  5. Mine has always had the barest of travel, even when new so never messed with it but sometimes wonder if it's doing anything, unless stomping on the rear brake when not pulling on the front. Only then can I tell the rear brake is working.
  6. I have a PC II I bought way back in the early 2000's for my '98 VFR. Free to anyone who wants it.
  7. If you weren't in the UK I would mail you the 3 I have left over from my installing my set. If someone here in the US needs 3 of the gaskets from Delkevic let me know.
  8. First ride of 2023 and it was wondrous-clear blue skies, minimal traffic, minimal gravel on the roads, but many trees down from the severe storms of Friday. Had to ride over electric lines a few times. This is a curvy ride about 20 minutes outside Nashville and it's one of my favorite roads anywhere. It was going well until I got behind Grandma in the white SUV. Unfortunately I couldn't safely pass her and missed the mini corkscrew, which is a steep downhill while curving L then R as it ascends another hill-best set of curves on the ride but there's another day. I am amazed at this 25 year old motorcycle and how closely it performs (in some ways better) than when new. GOPR1517.MP4
  9. Yeah, I'm in the process of selling my house and plan on buying a house w/ a garage where I can work on the bike and store it properly. I plan on taking the front fairing off and cleaning all the connectors as they have to corroding at this point-25 years is an long time in Tennessee weather. Again, thanks for the replies. Hope it stays on, otherwise I won't know how much gas I have left!
  10. Damn I love those wheels. Will they fit on a 5th gen?
  11. I lucked out. Went out and uncovered the bike this morning and let it sit in the sun for a few hours. Turned the key on and the display lit up-got excited but when I started it up the display went dead again. Left it for another few hours and the display worked fine. It must be all the moisture getting trapped under the cover, even though it is vented. I barely escaped removing the front cowl...for now. Thanks for all the help-will ride tomorrow for the 1st time this year-supposed to be 70 degrees F!
  12. Same as you, I have a difficult time following on a tablet while working on my bike.
  13. Ordered a pair of those mirrors for my '98-thanks for the suggestion. Much nicer looking than the stock mirrors.
  14. The inside of the tank is still shiny and no signs of rust. I typically only use non ethanol gas. My next door neighbor has one of those portable tents in his yard. I may look into one of those. Will get some ox-gard. Thanks.
  15. Yes I meant literally uncovered it after a long, wet, cold winter. That may be the issue-trapped moisture. I noticed some beaded moisture on the tank when I pulled the cover off. Don't have a covered garage so have to protect it the best I can. Thanks for all the info/advice. I'll try to tackle the fairing removal this weekend.
  16. Thanks. Have never pulled the front fairing-that will be an interesting endeavor. I also noticed after I turned the bike off and started it a few minutes later to move it the high beams no longer work and they worked, along w/ the blinkers, brake light, etc prior to the restart. I hope I don't have an electrical gremlin. I had it on a trickle charger all winter but our power has gone off and on more than 10 times this winter. Is it possible the charger somehow damaged the electrical system when the power came back on? The charger will charge 6 or 12 V batteries and I have to set it to 12 V.
  17. Just uncovered the '98 VFR and started her then noticed the display wasn't working (it's almost 80 here today!)/ Checked all the fuses under the seat and they were fine. Any ideas what might be wrong? Can live w/o the odometer but need to know fuel load... Thanks in advance.
  18. Now I'm wondering if I need to tackle this as well. Mine is a '98 and I have never checked the pump. Seems to work fine so maybe leave it alone? Thoughts?
  19. Nice curvy road with beautiful views! That is one loud bike!
  20. Do these batteries need to be on trickle chargers in the winter? The heat thing scares me a bit, with summers getting so much hotter here in TN.
  21. My '98 has the OG clutch and has appx 40,000 mi and appears fine.
  22. Welcome to the forum-beautiful color btw. Don't think we got that color in the states.
  23. That's an impressive array of updates/repairs. I wish I had the time, tools and knowledge to do such a job. I know my '98 needs it. Congrats on a great job!
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