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  1. A lot BTW. Just realized nobody has responded to you. A shame that system would go quick.
  2. Just placed my order. Will swing by Harbor Freight tomorrow and grab some weights.
  3. Oil and filter done-also the radiator fluid. She ran up to 220 while sitting in the garage. The fan kicked on and it dropped to 200 real quick and the fan shut off. PERFECT! Running a Water Wetter product with Distilled water and maybe 10% Antifreeze 50/50 mix. Need to find an OE tool kit. Need to adjust the chain. Also anyone using a tire balance rig at home? I need to balance my wheels as the tires are still good.
  4. Well here she is before I tear her down (a little). Need to flush out the radiator fluid, Oil and Filter, just did the plugs. She is running 25800 miles.
  5. I had a 5th gen I sold for my RC51. Loved that but I ride on the normal streets so traffic on that thing in South Florida heat killed me. From that I went to a B4 MV. In the end I am back to a VFR. Too much soul in this bike to get rid of it. Worst thing I did was trying to find a soul in an inline 4. Yuck.
  6. Well I had 5th Gen VFR. I sold it to grab an SP2 RC51. Rode that for a while and was tired of the racers tuck (and that damn seat!). I went with an MV Agusta Brutale 910s. A naked bike but I could not get used to the i4. Power just felt wrong. That is for sale now but until it does sell I grabbed an 07 RBW. Great bike. I will need some tires soon, new Puig screen, outside temp sensor, grips and will need to swap out the shorty ASV levers for standard length ones. Love riding it and can't wait to throw a rear top case on it for the grocery store runs 🙂 Thanks!
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