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  1. Makes perfect sense. Anyway.. Another try today. Sent fra min D5503 via Tapatalk Did not do much. :-P Sent fra min D5503 via Tapatalk
  2. In other Words. Is it possible to pull out the piston of the second master cylinder..? Sent fra min D5503 via Tapatalk
  3. when removing the upper bolt of left caliper, and the lower bolt is removed, the Secondary master CYLINDER gets,pulled out and snapping just as the bolt gets loosened.. Sorry if my english is bad, but I do my best. (norwegian) mabye I have to look at som dravings of the smc to see if there even is a possebility of the smc to get out and in again just like that. collecting air in the prosess. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Wondering if air in the smc can create pulsating movement in the caliper when braking. When removing the left front caliper and taking out the lower bolt first, it is resulting in severe movement in the smc when removing the upper bolt. could air get in from pulling out the cylinder? I got some nasty vibration when angaging brakes. both light and firm braking. but it goes away when i slow down and there is no movement in brake lever/handle. I have measured my rotordiscs and they are within specs. changed steeringhead bearings and tighten to the limit of free movement. new front wheel bearings. new brembo brake pads. new bushing and seals in forks. (did the vtr rod and cap swap as well. with compression gold valve and re-shimming rebound valve) ordered new Galfer brake discs today just to be sure. Going to try some brake bleeding tomorrow. Help!!
  5. Hey. Can air in CBS cause vibration? Thinking about the left caliper and the travel it has up and down. Got som mystery vibration that I got when I first put wilbers Springs in my forks. Thats the first thing I did. And only that. Now I can not get rid of it. I changed my breaks disc half a year before this, so i was pretty sure this was not the problem. Done som serious work and I'm soon out of ideas. Things I have done after the problem... ..in this order Steering heads bearings Wheel bearing Changed tires New Brembo break pads. Fork sealings and bushing, and vtr fork rod swap with compression gold valve and rebound valve re-shimming. (inkluded wilbers fork springs) Meassured semi floating Rotor discs ( within specs: 5-6/1000) ? Just ordered new Galfer discs anyway. Last thing to try is bleed my brakes. Wondering if trapped air in the system can cause brakes to "bounce".. Brakes have a nice bite and feel to them and I can not feel any in motion in the break handle. so there is something mysterious going on here.
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