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  1. I watch the tacho, change up around 11k. Max power is around 10k, so drops just below max power when you change.
  2. Hero 5 onwards record GPS data in the file, it is extracted and overlaid using Dashware http://www.dashware.net
  3. Here is a demo of VFR '99 brakes. Brembo disks and pads, and Galfer lines, but retains the linked brakes. At the 20sec mark, accelerate to 150km/h and hit the brakes at the 150m marker. Didn't end well for the BMW rider.
  4. Here is another sound track from Phillip Island 6 Mar 2020, this one has speed and track position.
  5. Here is another clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUoJKmMqkqs&t=259s from 9 March 2020
  6. For those of you who like a VFR800 sound track, this is a clip from one of the track day sessions yesterday at Phillip Island. Speedo and tacho in the shot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hO5JZZgC5Vo&t=740s Some highlights; geese on the track at 1:40 and a dice with a CBR1000 starting at 14.00, he runs wide at 14:44. He could only get me on the straight. VFR is a 99 model, performance mods: · Power commander · Air box mods · BMC air filter · Wilbers suspension front and read · Brembo disk and pads · Galfer braided lines · Metzler M7 tires · Staintune exhaust (no restrictor) I had an aversion to scratching it, so not pushing as hard as you could. I was lapping around the 2:10 mark, best 2:07. To give a comparison I was sharing the garage with a 2016 BMW 1000RR, he had just bought it and got down to 2:03 at the end of the day and 275km/h down the straight vs my 210km/h (speedo has a HealTech SpeedoHealer on it, so it is accurate). More experienced riders on the same BWM’s on slicks were around 1:53. So not bad for a 21 year old bike on road tires.
  7. Whoops, yes nickle plated rims, about to be replaced with a set of shadow chrome rims. The plating is breaking down and air leaks at the tire bead.
  8. Here is a sound bite of my '99 VFR800 at Phillip Island. Staintune slip on Powercommander Air box mods BMC air filter Wilbers front and rear suspension Brembo pads & disks Galfer braided lines Metzler M7s Sergeants seat MRA screen GiPro gear indicator smoked indicators LED taillight PAZZO levers Red Fox rear hugger and fender flick MCCruise cruise control Nickel plated rims and, black metallic paintwork on the levers, triple clamp, foot pegs, etc.
  9. Was looking for a new tank protector and something that did't look like an afterthought or tacky, and was functional. Settled on a Gripster tank protector on the bike: http://www.techspectankgrips.com.au, http://techspec-usa.com
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