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  1. Growing up, I got the hand-me-down bicycle from older siblings.. I used to propel the adult bicycle forward without be able to pedal full circle while standing within the triangle of the bicycle frame as pictured: Even shared a bike with a friend sometimes, that's how I grew up without killing myself:
  2. Picked up another SV for $600. 01 model, nearly stock, under 8k miles, less than 30 miles ridden in the last 7 years, have been sitting in the last 2 years. No rust inside the fuel tank. Will need chain/sprockets, fork seals, all fluids, etc.. It will be a nice & easy winter project, make a quick profit next spring.
  3. Since 2013, I've been commuting back and forth between Phila, PA and Brooklyn, NY. Motorcycles are better suited for long distance on the highway, but lack the luggage carrying capacity. Additionally, once I get to Brooklyn, bumper-to-bumper traffic pattern occurs more often than I like, clutch-n-shift become old really quickly in the gridlock traffic. Most of my commute within NYC metro have been done on a maxi-scoot. My Burgman 650 was purcahsed under $2k, with 6k miles on odometer back in 2013; now over 23k mi. Triple digit speed capable, plenty of underseat storage, twist-n-go, no-clutch-shifting; not to mention that my wife gets to sit on a much comfortable seat than my other motorcycles, even has a backrest. Sure most motorcyclists don't consider much of scooters, but in reality, I prefer the Maxi-scooter over many of my other regular motorcycles. 2-wheel vehicles are about maneuverability in traffic and efficiency, scooters are better in both.
  4. 77 degree F in rural Philly this afternoon. I got all the bikes out of garage for a ride.
  5. With weather turning cold, used bikes are cheap.. Picked up a nearly stock 2001 SV650S, minor body work scratches, needs carb sync, oil/filter/coolant/brake fluid change, 17k miles. $1250 cash. Lots of potential.
  6. Today's pick: 2003 BMW F650GS, 17k miles. Needs Chain/sprockets, rear brake master cylinder replacement or rebuild. But it does come with a set of BMW side cases. $1500 cash.
  7. Sold my BMW last year, replacing it with another next month: Yes, those are carbon wheels & Ohlins shocks.
  8. Put on some cheapo, lightweight mirrors, universal windshield from a previous bike.. 599 is sitting nicely among my other Hondas:
  9. Yeah, wouldn't feel too bad if it gets damaged or stolen in the Big Apple, which is likely going to be the place I keep it. 599 will replace my 04 Ninja 250 that I sold earlier this year.
  10. It's been nearly one year since my last moto purchase. Today, I bought a 04 Honda 599 for $1600, 15k mi. needs chain/sprockets/tires/front brake pads/lines:
  11. Over two decades on 2-wheel, never had a claim with my insurance co.; only others. Most of my (street-legal) bikes have only liability coverage anyway. Antique, dual sport or trail bikes just get insurance transferred as needed. I keep my bikes mostly stock, not attractive to criminal eyes, never had a bike stolen, with exception of the modded 1977 CT90, that one had the ignition location changed, only I know how to turn it on. Money is only good when you spend them.
  12. I enjoy customizing small Hondas: [/img] I keep one original C90 just because: and I like my mid-displacement V-twins: Large displacement Hondas also: My Daily commuter in metro NYC:
  13. No wheelie as you passed the camera? Friend of mine rode along and took my pictures: http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/forum/index.p...si&img=5066 No clouds, but nice view of the ocean: http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/forum/index.p...si&img=8135 Highway cruising mode: http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/forum/index.p...si&img=4688
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