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  1. beezo500

    2000 VFR800 Build

    Took delivery on a 2000 VFR on Saturday and tearing it down for a project bike. Not sure the final direction (Maybe stock, maybe something else, just not sure yet, but here is the progress
  2. So the bike is in the garage and been poked and prodded every night after work. I have to say that this thing is in incredible shape and crazy that I am about to drop the engine out (tonight or tomorrow) and so far, not a single stuck bolt, broken wire, snapped clip or oily leak ANYWHERE. Its unreal but this bike is really clean (except for road dust) and it has been an absolute pleasure to disassemble and work on. Everything has been tidy and easy to break loose. It runs strong and the engine sounds great (As you all are aware of) but the trans issue is the heart of the problem. No going back now over the coming months, I will be posting updates of the "Entertaining engine tear down" for everybody to enjoy. I really look forward to this project and hope that it turns out like some of the bike on the discussion. Local guy that owns a boneyard simply gave me a short-block that hasn't been split. All the ebay-able stuff was stripped and he was going to just throw out the mill since "those damn VFR engines never sell because they never break!" The more I am reaching out to guys in the "Know" the more I am learning that this is a great community of people that are very passionate about their bikes and its like a little brotherhood, once your in, your in! Updates and pics to follow soon!
  3. Well everybody, thanks for the advice on this one! I went for it and got it for next to nothing. Made a cheeky offer and the guy bit! I have a salvage yard close by that has a great rating and they are willing to sell me a 30-day warranted mill for $200.00! I would be crazy not to go that direction, so I will heed the advice on that one also. Thanks everybody and I'm a veefer now!
  4. Alright VFRD world, I am new to the scene here but looking forward to being in the VFR family soon. With that said, I have been shopping around on all of the sites (CL, CT, local ads) and I've found a 2000 that has an interesting issue. I know, look around to see if the answer is already out there on the VFRD site, and I have done some research here and found a lot of answers and advice on rebuilding the tranny. I have the skills to break apart the motor/tranny and do any of the work that is needed, but I just wanted to throw out the scenario and see what kind of input I can get from everybody here. So here is a copy of the wording from the ad: "Bike does not currently Drive needs to have transmission work done. A bearing on the main shaft of the trans has failed. You can still put the motorcycle into all the gears but it will pop out of 1st and 2nd gear. I have all the parts to fix the bike they go with the bike. New gaskets, clutch kit, main shaft and secondary shaft" I spoke to the seller and he is a gear-head and seems very straight-forward. His shop is full of other cars and moto's and keeps a tidy place but just doesn't have time for the VFR project. He states that the bike runs great and will take off in third (if your real easy with it) and runs great at highway speeds. Obviously, that wont work and I will eventually need 1st and 2nd so given the fact that he is letting this thing go for nearly nothing and I don't have any real reservations of buying a project (after-all, that's really what I'm looking for as I love garage time), I feel like I really need to pick this thing up! He also says that the issue started when he spun the thing up to redline in first and says that it "blew out the main shaft trany bearing". Again, motor runs and sounds very healthy, so I don't think there is anything wrong with the mill. Any thoughts or input are appreciated and I look forward to input from the gallery!
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