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  2. Motorenzo

    Gas mileage on a 98 5th gen

    Oh sure Maxswell, bring that scientific approach into the argument about the fastest color!!!! Who ya gonna believe, some nerd or the seat of your own pants??? Heres Collin Edwards from a few years back... Yeller all over the place.....and fast!!!!! No gas mileage however...
  3. Motorenzo

    Gas mileage on a 98 5th gen

    A Big Aloha to all, and a Happy 2019. Gas Mileage question on the VFR's!!!!! I have 6 VFR's, had 7 but sold my 2002 last year. Starting with my 86 RWB 750cc and then my 87 White 700cc up thru the generations to my 2003 Silver. All of them get regularly 45 to 50 MPG depending on the Loud Handle Positioning. Some have the air box mods, some do not, doesn't make any MPG difference. I did an Iron Butt a few years ago by myself from San Antonio to west of Phoenix in 15 hours. 1050 miles. Here is my point to this Viffer MPG question, its all about the LOUD HANDLE!!!! On that day of my Iron Butt I was running pretty much 100 to 110 MPH all day and into the night. Had to stop a lot for gas!!! Was getting 30 MPG at that sustained speed so had to stop def before 150 miles on the trip odo. One stretch thru Texas I pushed it too far, didn't see any gas stations coming up, finally pulled into a gas station, the Viffer to took exactly 5.5 gallons. It was completely empty!!!! The only reason I made it to that station was due to easing off on the LOUD HANDLE, slowing down to 45 MPH for about the last 20 miles. Normally 45 to 50 MPG for my scooters and all my friends that also ride VFR's. By the way, the Yellow models are the fastest, everyone knows Yellow is a fast color. Have a safe and enjoyable 2019. Renzo in Kau, Hawaii
  4. Motorenzo


    Want to buy a set of GIVI Hard Bag MOUNTS for a 6th Gen VFR800. Thx., Renzo
  5. Heres a trick I have done a few times in my 61 years of working on and riding these 2 wheeled machines. Remove the shifter from the shaft, remove the pinch bolt, put the shifter in a good vise with the slot of the shifter where the bolt goes thru in a position where you can get a thin cut off wheel or a thin file into the slot. Remove a few thousands of the inside material so the pinch bolt can squeeze it to the shaft tighter than before. Good idea to replace the bolt with a new one as well. I have done this mainly on dirt bikes back thru the years. They get beat on really bad in desert racing and endures, not so much with street bikes unless they have been run and used in a loose condition. The price is right!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck, Renzo
  6. I have a 86 and a 87. The 86 is RWB with only 12K miles, the 87 is White with 45K... Also have a 97, a98, a99 and a 2003. Keep us posted on the Hindle. Would like one for my 86. I'll get a 2nd. mortgage!!! Thanks for the heads up, Renzo
  7. Motorenzo


    Thanks to you all for all the info!!!! Two more questions, (1.) What exactly does the electrical connection do? I'm assuming it kills the plug firing circuitry for a Micro-Second to avoid damage when upshifting when on the gas with no clutch. Marine outboard and inboard motors with outdrives have done this for many years when shifting from neutral to forward or reverse to avoid gear damage. Just a guess!!!! (2.) Will the Quick Shifter hook right up on the 6th gen VFR's as well as the 8th gen, electrical plug and all? When I looked online at the Honda OEM parts fiche it appears as a good parts number for 6th and 8th gen.... I'm sure out of this bunch, someone knows. Thanks, Renzo
  8. Motorenzo


    Yeah I know, thanks. I have the ability to modify the shift lever myself but thought I would like to find out all I can from someone or more than one about the Honda OEM shifter. I might even make a toe and heel shifter like some of the Harleys have had for many years. Thanks, Renzo
  9. Motorenzo


    Tell me about the Quick Shifter. I could really use something that shifts up thru the gears. I was in a Auto accident 5 months ago, nearly completely tore off my Left Foot, they put it back on, slowly recovering but mucho pain especially pulling up the shifter. I have seen some of the after market quick shifters n the past for Drag Racers but didn't know Honda had an OEM Quick Shifter out there. I have 5 VFR's of various vintage in Hawaii and a 5th Gen I have in Arizona for trips on the Mainland every year. What comes in the Box you have shown here in the Forum, and is it a complete setup. Very interested to know all about it and what you think of it. Thanks, Renzo
  10. Motorenzo

    Motolorenzo Viffers

    Morenci, Az. Copper Mine

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