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  1. VfrNiko

    92 VFR750 At Mill Bay

    Nice picture! Just curious, what lens did you use?
  2. VfrNiko

    Christmas Day

    Oh I really love this one! Backlit, semi-silhouette.
  3. VfrNiko


    Oh thanks HS.
  4. VfrNiko

    L 71187

    People tossed around word "shamu" a lot. It certainly doesn't look like shamu to me. Glad to see it on the track.
  5. I like your carbon fiber exhaust. Where/how did you get that?
  6. VfrNiko

    IMG 1533

    Very sharp! I have yet to see the blue one on the road here.
  7. HS, just curious, how often do you change your oil on your 2010 VFR1200 (the manual says every 8k miles)? What kind of oil do you use for the 1200?
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