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  1. AnnieR

    Ophir, Brass Monkey 2013

    Nice photo, interesting caption. Congrats on the 105k!
  2. AnnieR

    Wad 12

    I think I hear angels singing ...
  3. Wondering what's next ...

    1. VfrNiko


      Alaska maybe?

    2. AnnieR


      Ha! Right :-)

      But first I have a little detour in Lexington, KY ;-)

    3. AnnieR


      Actually ... thanks for reminding me that good things are coming. I needed that!

  4. Starting to get organized for the Overland Expo :: May 17–19 :: Flagstaff, AZ

  5. AnnieR

    IMG 20130505 01422

    Auggius, just wondering, what was your solution for the short stud? The burnt plug is a familiar sight. Did you splice in a new(er) plug or replace the whole harness?
  6. AnnieR

    Bike Shots

    Misc. bike photos
  7. AnnieR


    She is upset because she has to pedal hers ...
  8. AnnieR


    Cool stripes :-)
  9. AnnieR


    Love it! The background is really cool and of course the bike looks dreamy!!
  10. Trying to fit a ride in this afternoon ...

  11. AnnieR


    Yup, this is what it's all about ... nice pic
  12. AnnieR


    Hmm ... you have to have a cigarette-lighter receptacle in order to use it? Have you used it and does it work more than one time (sorry, can't help it ... after all it's Walmart and it's only $9.99) ;-)
  13. AnnieR

    April 14

    Aww, poor guy!!!
  14. FINALLY we reached 70ºF here in the north (Michigan, USA). Yippeeeeeee

  15. AnnieR


    That's a pretty shot!
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