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  1. I bought a Doh last year for a trip to San Marino (Rimini really but San Marino sounds much more posher) with the missus. Great bike for carrying a load of stuff and a lovely riding position but so under-powered it had to go as soon as I got back. I get a bit of jip in my Cilla too. Bought a V-Strom and a Tiger a few years back but they didn't stick around long either. Had the VFR for 20 years and although I keep threatening to chop it in for a more comfy ride, I've still got it and even been out for a blast today! Sorry I can't contribute much to the thread but reading it through has helped me out a bit as well as the OP.
  2. Lion

    5th Gen 1998

    Nice photos. Got a fairing screw missing just by the front indicator on one of the pics though ;)
  3. I've just replaced the seal and piston in mine because I had the same problem. I actually change the friction plates and once put back together, the clutch lever would not move - locked completely up! I ended up popping the slave piston out and it was pretty cruddy. There was some odd gold coloured stuff inhabiting the rubber seal. I figured it's a 20-year old bike so was worth replacing the rubber. After I cleaned the old piston up, I saw it was pretty badly pitted so bought a new one. Because of the way it was scored, it actually looked like the push rod was binding and making it turn. If it wouldn't retract by hand I would really advise you to get it serviced. It's an easy job and I'd be happy to share my photos and give you help 'if' you need it.
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