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  1. Screen resolution is very poor compared to the phone screens we are now used to. I used to use the old TomTom app on an IPhone and it was great. Listening to podcasts was easy. Now you have to pair your headset to the Satnav and phone if you want services. It’s alll a bit clunky and a step back. I wish I had just stuck with the phone and TomTom app. However the winding roads on the app is very limited compared to the 550. Which ultimately is why I bought the 550. Maybe it will grow on me.
  2. I just got one of those too. Prepare to be underwhelmed ☹️
  3. jeremyr62

    Keihin carb air joint pipes

    My 500 smells of petrol too after a long hot ride. I also wait for it to cool before putting it in the garage. I have always assumed this is normal behavior as otherwise the bike is good. Don't think I get petrol dripping from the vents though.
  4. jeremyr62

    Looking for rear bearing spacer VFR700/750 or VF1000F

    The right aluminium alloy would be, almost certainly. Even a piece of 6XXX-T5 series stock round bar will probably be OK. Keep an eye on it to see if it deforms when everything is tight.. However if the rear wheel departs at speed, I accept no liability 🙂
  5. You mean Mugello? When you got those RT cartridge emulators did you swap springs too?
  6. Honda certainly didn't believe in commonality of parts. The ones on my UK 500F2 have 7 grooves on them, so different again. No Viagra needed yet.
  7. jeremyr62

    Vfr700 interceptor

    You sure it's a 700? Must be a US import if it is. They are decent bikes and with a respray back to OE colours could look good. For GBP100 it's a bit of a bargain.
  8. jeremyr62

    Vfr700 interceptor

    The clutch plates are sticking. It's common enough when a bike has been laid up for a long time. You can take the clutch cover off and free them off that way but that requires some skill and confidence. Or you can put it in gear and try moving the bike back and forth to see if they will free up. Being mob handed will help here,
  9. jeremyr62

    What can you tell me about my VF500?

    Yep. My English failed me. I meant YSS only offer the one shock by the looks of it.
  10. jeremyr62

    What can you tell me about my VF500?

    So there is only one YSS option? You see a lot of shocks on Ebay for the VF500F. One wonders how they all compare. I have a Hagon on one of my bikes (the F2) which despite being a pretty budget shock has not left me feeling the need for a better one. My other 500 (the F), has a very tired OE shock which is about to be replaced with a CBR600F3 shock I bought from DMr. I am also changing the forks for a set with the DMr cartridge emulators. So the bike goes from stock old and tired suspension to (hopefully) much improved suspension. I hope I will be able to tell the difference.
  11. Looks like you are carrying a box of donuts.
  12. jeremyr62

    85 vf500f neutral gear.

    Put like that it's not a mile away from one of my engines. Could just be wear and tear on the gearbox. What's the mileage on the bike?
  13. Wall to wall smut.
  14. jeremyr62

    85 vf500f neutral gear.

    Not normal. Check your clutch isn't dragging.
  15. jeremyr62

    1985 vf500F adjustable clutch and brake levers

    VTR 1000F FIRESTORM levers. Pretty sure any year will do.

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