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  1. What can you tell me about my VF500?

    I have done the 17 inch wheel conversion on my 500F2. The only reason to do it is to get access to newer rubber IMO. If you are happy with the handling of the bike now, and the 16/18 inch rubber you can get (which isn't bad to be fair), I would not bother. It's not difficult to do but is fiddly and access to a workshop very desirable. I did it because I wanted something to do over a summer, and I enjoyed the process, but I wont be doing it for my other 500. Picture is bike after fitted 17 inch wheels from a UK CBR600FM. IMO the bike looks better with the OE wheels
  2. The tank I had repaired I also had lined as it seemed like a good time to have it done and the guy that did the repair had done loads. It is a hard thin white coating that seems to he holding up OK. My other two tanks I am not going to line. One is rust free, the other will have to be de-rusted using the chelating rust removers now available (like Metals Rescue, Evaporust). When/if they start leaking, I will line them. There is no reason a tank should rust if it is stored full and the bike gets used so any water gets pulled through. Those dry fuel additives just bulk out the water so it can be combusted
  3. My petcock (same vintage as yours) has been pretty reliable so far. Even the vacuum shut off has worked to date. Only a matter of time though. That tank has a long way to fall off those bins.. When i nearly destroyed my tank I started looking on Ebay for a decent RWB spare. I didn't see anything remotely decent for over 12 months and then with about 2 months three decent tanks turned up (one had a custom paint scheme). A RWB is still on Ebay located in Germany. I ended up getting one from the US so if I have another brain fade moment and damage the tank again, at least I wont have to sell another kidney to get it repaired.
  4. Motorcycle toolkits should come with an impact driver.
  5. Oh yeah. I had a link to NRP already in my bookmarks. Getting old is no fun.
  6. A thread here, http://vfrworld.com/threads/1986-interceptor-500-fuel-petcock.29316/
  7. Not happened to mine, yet. As you know they are possibly the rarest part to find on Ebay along with petrol tanks and OE silencers. I reckon you will have to try to dissemble it by drilling out the rivets and hope you can find a suitable internal seal. I am pretty sure I saw a thread somewhere else for something similar. Must be info out there. You can't be the first.
  8. Need advice on purchase of 86 VF1000R

    Decent ones go for >GBP6000 in the UK. They are few and far between. I m no predictor of bike values but I expect they will not get any cheaper anytime soon.
  9. They look good. Let us know if you can tell the difference. The OE lines on my two 500s have held up very well compared to other bikes I have owned. They didn't skimp on quality in those days.
  10. Expired by the looks of it.
  11. What can you tell me about my VF500?

    You have the VD56B carbs.
  12. Exhaust collector (balance) box

    "The angle of the muffler attachment outlets could be an issue though." From the schematics I have seen, I think this will be the problem. All the good collectors seem to be in the US. Over here the flanges where the mufflers/silencers attach always seem thin/holed from corrosion. I will be patient and keep looking for a decent F type.
  13. What can you tell me about my VF500?

    Put the air filter back on and run a 98 main jet in the front pair and a 95 main jet in the rear pair.
  14. What can you tell me about my VF500?

    From that video you are short shifting. Don't be afraid of revving the engine. It's what it is designed for. Some claim you shouldn't go above 9K rpm to save the valves but I don't subscribe to that theory.
  15. Exhaust collector (balance) box

    Answering my own question. VF500F/F2 1984 Collector 18310MF2671 € 525.83 incl. VAT Superseded by 18310MM1671 € 525.83 incl. VAT Same part number is listed for both 84/86 bikes 1984/85 VF500C 18310MJ8003 € 608.85 incl. VAT The Magna collector looks very different on the schematic so I think the answer is probably no.

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