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  1. Are you on holiday or in search of work again? 🤔
  2. jeremyr62

    Ceramic coating a VF500 OE exhaust

    Yes, you are probably right. However it has to be better than BBQ paint. The bike doesn't get use that much either so I am hopeful it will give me a few years. Getting a stainless collector fabbed would be enormously expensive. Reproducing the internal plumbing is not trivial and you really need to do that to avoid the flat spots. I am aware of the Predator but I heard it wasn't great, but 59hp is a huge number compared to the very limited dyno data I have seen, which normally suggests about 50hp.
  3. jeremyr62

    Ceramic coating a VF500 OE exhaust

    Hard to say. It is incredibly thin. To be fair to the company, corrosion protection isn't their primary focus and how they sell it. It's more to do with heat management although with a coating that thin, even though ceramics have low thermal conductivity, it's still hard to imagine it making a huge difference. Anyway time will tell. I agree, the headers do hold up better but I have quite a few very rusty ones in my collection too. If it works well and does prove a good barrier to corrosion I might get the OE silencers done in it.
  4. Decent OE exhaust parts are getting harder to find these days. I have tried a variety of VHT and BBQ type exhaust paints on the headers and balance box and they have all pretty much proved to be not great at standing up to typical Irish and UK weather. They flake off and corrode pretty quickly IME. So I took the plunge and sent a spare system I had to https://www.performance1coatings.com/ based in the UK. They took them as I sent them in cleanish solid painted condition. They blasted them with what looks like alumina grit and them plasma coated them in their volcanic brand of zirconia ceramic. Turned them around quickly and I received them back extremely well packaged. They look OK. They did not coat the ends of the headers. I probably should have removed the exhaust gaskets prior to sending. The coating is very thin indeed and very uniform. The imperfections you can see in the photos are in the underlying steel, not the coating. The acid test is how well they perform. I will swap exhausts in the spring so will have no idea until then. Wasn't cheap but then it is a high tech coating.
  5. jeremyr62

    VF500 as a winter hack

    She's enjoying it too by the looks of it..
  6. jeremyr62

    VF500 as a winter hack

    Took me a while to figure out you weren't suggesting some kind of deviant dutch perverted practice there. They give you a bit of mouldy old carpet for the seat but its more to do with the vinyl being 34 years old. If I can find someone local to recover it, I'll get it done. The vinyl is torn in two places already anyway..
  7. jeremyr62

    VF500 as a winter hack

    As a final post on this, I took the bike to the UK from Ireland over the weekend. About 800 km in total. Bike managed it without any problems at all. Weather was grotty so didn't push the boat out (no pun intended) regards speed and handling. The seat didn't like the ratchet strap and the vinyl cover is in need of replacement. But that's about it re issues. A truck driver took my photo on the bike too. Never happened before and I 've done that journey hundreds of time on far more exotic/expensive machinery. He must have owned one in the past I reckon.
  8. jeremyr62

    New guy- vf750f rebuild

    If you have seen the thread "VF500 as a winter hack" which I started, the engine in that bike was from a parts bike. The compression readings for that engine were 1 180 3 160 2 130 4 100 All in psi. all cold with engine on a bench, no carbs. Not great you might say and I will admit, sometimes it runs on three when cold and cylinder 4 takes a while to get going. However once it is warm it's absolutely fine and pulls really well. I could investigate, but there seems little point if it runs OK. So yes, for your engine, ideally they will be all around 150 psi but don't worry too much if they are not.
  9. jeremyr62

    New guy- vf750f rebuild

    Take the plugs out, connect the engine to a car battery and crank away, making sure the carbs bodies are either off or at wide open throttle. Stick your finger down the spark plug holes (not all at the same time 😉 ) and attempt to seal the hole. if your finger is blown off the hole, you have enough compression to run the engine.
  10. jeremyr62

    New guy- vf750f rebuild

    You can get the cams repaired alright but not easily I expect. Now I don't know for the 750, but for the 500 there are loads of camshafts on Ebay. I suspect the 750 might be harder to source, just due to the issue being more widespread. If it were mine I would just ignore it until if/when it becomes a problem. Too easy to get distracted on things like this, and then it stalls everything else.
  11. jeremyr62

    New guy- vf750f rebuild

    I don't think Dutchy is suggesting it is scrap. Just minimise the expenditure until you can hear the engine running. I definitely would not take the engine to a shop yet, if ever. You need to get the engine running if you can, and then reassess. There are plenty of VF750 engines around. Despite the camshaft problems, Honda sold a lot of them. And it is only one slightly scored camshaft after all. I did a similar thing two years ago, bought a VF500 for EUR500 in just OK condition. Turned out the engine in that one was an uneconomic repair but with another engine transplanted in that bike is now my winter hack and I am enjoying riding it a lot. The journey to get to that point was great too. Don't give up in other words.
  12. jeremyr62

    New guy- vf750f rebuild

    Common problem I am afraid. Seen a lot worse.I wouldn't worry about it. How many miles will the bike do? Not many I expect so unlikely to be an issue.
  13. Yes, gonna get harder to keep them going. Then again, the way we are accelerating to an electric only future we might not need to.
  14. kph don't forget. Be interesting if it was mph now... My F2 is about the same. Seems a realistic top end for a well looked after VF500. At those speeds you are well above 9K rpm too.
  15. I also find FR cylinder 4 is a real PITA to get to. I have the proper Honda adjusting tool too but even with that it is really difficult to get onto the nut. If they are out it does make the bike much nicer to ride when they are all synced up though

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