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  1. It is going to be a minter at this rate. I hope you are keeping a count of the hours.
  2. Four bikes and not even a shed to keep any of them in. Addicted you are.
  3. VF400 wasn't 86 though. Think it had gone by then.
  4. In that case I have done mine incorrectly. I followed a guide with pictures and that shows a Carbtune with 3 and 4 displaying less vacuum. (The more vacuum you have the higher the steel rods rise up the tubes). Thanks for pointing this out too!
  5. I didn't get the impression the OP thought it was running rough. Just a bit vibey which is similar to my 98. I too will do the starter valves at some point but my engine has less than 4000 miles on it (a garage queen for over 20 years) so it isn't going to be related to valve clearances. I assumed it was normal.
  6. I have a 98 version and it's the same. It seems worse when the engine is still warming up but never goes away completely.
  7. I would put a smear of moly grease on the lobes too or chuck some oil at the top end before you run it. The oil pressure can be slow to build in my experience.
  8. Well that's one less thing to worry about for sure. That top end looks as dry as a bone though.
  9. You could just transplant a Fireblade front end? 😀
  10. Well done those men. I hope I can still keep it up at 82. (Riding I mean).
  11. The big advantage you have with the VF750 if you are in the UK is they imported a lot of them expecting to make a killing and then didn't because a) it was expensive (justifiably as it was not built down to a price, and b) the saga of the chocolate camshafts that really hammered the image. But they did sell them eventually. They are not collectable now so it will have to be a labour of love. Nice ones still come up from time to time for silly money but as far as I can tell they don't sell. Plastics, petrol tanks and exhausts will be the hardest parts to find. When I was looking for OE collectors for the VF500 bikes I had, Ebay US was the best. Southern states don't use much, if any salt, so you could get really good collectors from there. Postage was a pain but the boxes themselves were cheap enough. Hopefully the same for the 750. Original end cans will be really hard to find. Marvin might make copies. They are OK and look nice when new but are not great quality. I like the 750 and would have had one if I hadn't realised the later model updated 86 500 was better. The 750 never got any updates unless you count the VFR.. I agree that a full resto is a complete waste of time and money IF you actually want to ride the bike. Just get it rideable and have fun, I always say ask how many miles will you do on it? I had a VF500 which I babied and bought millions of parts for even spare engines. I had it for 9 years and I did the grand total of about 4000 miles on it. I then sold the lot for a huge loss. Doh! Good luck, the journey will be great.
  12. What is the last photo showing exactly? Can,t work it out. Some weird oil filter removal tool? Or have you got the horn?
  13. In my experience the Honda OE heated grips don't get as hot as aftermarket. I had the OE grips on a VFR1200 and now have them on a NC750. They are woeful compared to Oxfords (and probably most other aftermarket types). I agree with Leon though, when it gets really cold you need heated gloves.
  14. A locksmith will have that picked in no time.
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