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  1. Just go the whole hog and put knobbly tyres on it. I use the TTR windy roads too and I have been up some stupid routes with it, but nothing like that.
  2. That means it will be rusted to fu<k inside then. The epoxy will leak eventually IME. You need to braze the holes really. I would clean the insides. braze the big holes and then line it. Had to do similar on a GS1000 tank years ago. Was 100% leak proof for years after. However it all depends what you are trying to achieve. Got to make sure the liner is compatible with ethanol rich fuels these days, apparently.
  3. Yep, the OE size tyres on the VF work really well. I did the 17 inch conversion and apart from being able to access modern rubber, the difference in handling in the dry is hard to detect.
  4. So why are you persisting with that mongrel? I thought you had a rack and topbox for the VF500 anyway? Drilling a hole in the rear fairing isn't an acceptable fitting solution IMO. Although maybe its more robust that way.
  5. You have done a good job. It's now a nice bike. I had a brand new one exactly the same in 1985. I remember riding it and thinking it was so futuristic.
  6. Well good luck with the sale. Hopefully some Italian goddess will turn up asking for a ride....
  7. The clamp underneath the front axle 18-25 Nm The front axle itself 55-65 Nm The TRAC leverage bolts? Big bolt is 30-40 Nm Anti dive piston pin 10-15 Nm
  8. As the only owner of a VF400 in the Northern Hemisphere you are asking an empty theatre.
  9. Those pistons look shot beyond repair to me.
  10. Each to their own, but if you are stuck in a foreign country on a Sunday with a nail stuck out of your tire, all reservations about safe repair or not will disappear. Been there done that and now I carry a stop and go kit to do my own roadside repairs.
  11. Will you keep all three? I have three bikes but wish I had two, and I have two sheds and a garage. Moving them around is a PITA. I am probably going to mothball my VF500 and hope values skyrocket in the next 5 years (fat chance).
  12. When you had the airbox off and the engine running when you twist the throttle do all the slides move up?
  13. More than I would have guessed. A fitting home for it. I assume Ijzer is steel? (waits for the pulp fiction link again).
  14. Did you try the butane (any flammable) gas trick to look for vacuum leaks?
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