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  1. I have Daytonas on my GSXR1000 and they have been fine. I got them just before they upgraded them with the auto off function so I run them through a Healtech Thunderbox to make sure I don't drain my battery. The Daytonas have been good and they get hot enough. My VFR1200F came with the OE heated grips (red LED). These have 3 settings and these too get hot enough. I also fitted the OE heated grips to my NC750S. These had 5 settings (green LED) and they integrated with a symbol on the LCD dash which was good. However, their performance was not great and they just did not get hot enough. I now have a new to me 2022 NC750X and I won't be fitting the OE grips. I'll go aftermarket, probably Oxfords this time.
  2. I can't understand why you would even want to do that. Modern aftermarket grips are miles better than the Honda grips IMO. Daytona, Oxfords, Koso all have inbuilt auto power off technology so can be connected directly to the battery, and have a low profile inbuilt button so no large ugly controller anymore. However, to each their own..
  3. Are you getting the MIL flashing any DTC codes? I'd have thought such an obvious fault would be triggering something. The flashing ABS light is a symptom of a weak battery btw.
  4. Don't know about over there but over here, Ebay is the first port of call for parts. Breakers use Ebay too. If the US is like Europe, The 1200 is not popular so demand for parts is not that high, yet. It may change as the VFR has received some decent press coverage recently in the UK as a very good value sports tourer, but I doubt it will ever be an in demand bike. The plastics should sell easily enough but you will just have to look at Ebay to see what the going rate is.
  5. Turning the pavement into a (noisy) garage. you must have very understanding neighbours.
  6. It is going to be a minter at this rate. I hope you are keeping a count of the hours.
  7. Four bikes and not even a shed to keep any of them in. Addicted you are.
  8. Well done those men. I hope I can still keep it up at 82. (Riding I mean).
  9. What is the last photo showing exactly? Can,t work it out. Some weird oil filter removal tool? Or have you got the horn?
  10. EUR400 sounds like a very fair price for a bike with a spare engine in that condition, assuming the tank and plastics are good. V4 Hondas seem to be forgotten bikes when it comes to the classic bike market. I had the opportunity to read two UK bike mags on a ferry the other day, both dealing with old bikes (Classic motorcycle mechanics and practical sports bikes I think). Full of inline fours from the 70s and 80s, mainly SOHC Hondas and Z900 type Kwaks. Not a V4 of any description to be seen. Backing the wrong horse if you expect to flip it and make a shed load of money. (However you have the whole of Europe to sell to so I expect that makes a difference).
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