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  1. EUR400 sounds like a very fair price for a bike with a spare engine in that condition, assuming the tank and plastics are good. V4 Hondas seem to be forgotten bikes when it comes to the classic bike market. I had the opportunity to read two UK bike mags on a ferry the other day, both dealing with old bikes (Classic motorcycle mechanics and practical sports bikes I think). Full of inline fours from the 70s and 80s, mainly SOHC Hondas and Z900 type Kwaks. Not a V4 of any description to be seen. Backing the wrong horse if you expect to flip it and make a shed load of money. (However you have the whole of Europe to sell to so I expect that makes a difference).
  2. How much? Looks decent. Do they have lock up garages in the Netherlands? You need one.
  3. Jeez what a bargain for EURO 300. It looks in solid condition too.
  4. Sounds like a two stroke. Your neighbours will so happy to hear that first thing in the morning.
  5. Thanks but no. The last thing I need is more parts.
  6. Decent parts bike though. Be a reasonable project too for 300 euro.
  7. I had to do the same with a set of VF500 carbs. It is straightforward enough but fiddly work. Take lots (and lots) of photographs before you start and be very methodical about it labelling stuff where necessary. Does the spare bike you have have a set of carbs too. Keep these as a reference or practice on them?
  8. And the timing is OK? If you have spark, petrol and compression it will fire eventually.
  9. The density of iron corrosion products is a lot less than the iron itself so hopefully you still have some steel left.
  10. Take the spark plug out and put your finger down the hole (not that hole). Now push it down the road and test for compression. with your finger. And try not to get arrested at the same time. I take it you have plenty of petrol?
  11. I remember when small capacity 4 cylinder bikes were pretty much the norm in the 80s. Compared to today's ubiquitous parallel twins they seem very exotic. I have heard a rumour that Kawasaki are bringing out an inline 4 cylinder 250. Should be interesting if true. Here are some old pictures of my VF400 from 1984. Owned a year and then I couldn't 'afford to insure it so had to sell it on.
  12. Yes, trying to offload. "Trying" is apt. It's a great bike to ride though so I keep my options open. That Firestorm (snigger) looks the part.
  13. You ever consider rear sets for the 500? Amazingly you can still get new ones for it. http://www.fastfromthepast.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=vf500 Tempted I am.
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