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  1. jeremyr62

    VF500 as a winter hack

    And here's a vid after I took it for a ride last winter. That's how I know the Marvins end cans are made of a highly reactive element known as Italian Steel. I realise this might all look like an for sale advertisement but it isn't. I have no desire to sell the bike now. The engine you can hear running is one I had from a parts bike that I had had for years. I had just assumed it was a non runner but it's actually OK. Bit noisy but it had been sat for over 10 years. Will see how that holds up too. 20180217_112424_2.mp4
  2. jeremyr62

    VF500 as a winter hack

    Seeing as its winter and we are thread starved, here are some more before winter pictures as a record of how its starts out.
  3. jeremyr62

    VF500 as a winter hack

    The LASER is in sh1te condition but solid. It is supposed to be stainless but its a type of stainless that rusts. I have loads of OE headers and a few decent collectors. The hard to find parts are the OE silencers. I have one set of good OE silencers off my F2 and they are stored away. The LASER will go on the F and be ridden in the winter to save the collector and the Marvin silencers (and the front headers I suppose too). The bike is as tidy as it is going to get. Won't sell it if I can use it in winter (see first post above).
  4. jeremyr62

    Fuel tank alternatives? 84 VFR 500

    Here are pictures showing the differences
  5. jeremyr62

    Fuel tank alternatives? 84 VFR 500

    Tanks not the same. 86 has a different petcock. The petcocks are hard to find too so if you get a another tank make sure it either comes with a petcock or its the same as the one you have.
  6. jeremyr62

    Fuel tank alternatives? 84 VFR 500

    Google is your friend.... Every VF500 owners needs at least one parts bike..
  7. jeremyr62

    VF500 as a winter hack

    It looks better in the pictures than in real life. Plastics are a bit scabby and the engine is from a 86 spares bike. It owes me very little. I will see how it goes. I have a 4 into 1 LASER exhaust I will put on it before I take it out on the salt. The end cans on it are Marvins not OE. They rust at the mere mention of water.
  8. jeremyr62

    Fuel tank alternatives? 84 VFR 500

    Looks like an 86 tank but the engine is an 84/85. The brake lever looks challenging.
  9. jeremyr62

    VF500 as a winter hack

    I bought this in Feb 2017 as a non runner project. It's now as finished as it's ever going to be. I was struggling with what to do with it. I tried to sell it in the Autumn with little interest here in Ireland. I could sell it if I priced it cheap enough and I may yet do that in the spring. However, I am in the very fortunate position of owning two very nice bikes in addition to this (one is a VF500F2). These bikes are so pristine I cannot bring myself to ride them much on wet salty roads. So I was going to sell the VF500F in the picture and buy a cheap Honda NC750S as a winter hack. However I then thought about it a bit more and realised I might as well use the VF500F as a winter hack. I have tons of spares and consumables, I know virtually everything there is to know about the 500, it is a very engaging ride, and it will be cheap to run. It may not be reliable but i doubt I will venture too far on it, initially at least. I just want to be able to hop onto it and not worry about it dissolving under me. Wish me luck!
  10. jeremyr62

    Fuel tank alternatives? 84 VFR 500

    There never was a VFR500. Just the F/F2/Magna in Europe and Interceptor/Magna in N America. Bike had a three year model run. from 1984 to end of 1986 . Two very different petrol tanks too. The 84/85 has a different petcock location to the 86.
  11. jeremyr62

    Fuel tank alternatives? 84 VFR 500

    If you mean VF500 (I am sure you do), then not much as far as I know. I have not seen reports of anyone successfully trying to do this. I have often thought the best way to do it would be to take the bike to a local friendly breaker (if such a thing exists) and try a load of tanks on the bike. If you do manage it, please be sure to post back. Good condition VF500 tanks are very rare now unfortunately.
  12. jeremyr62

    Double Vision

    When it comes to bikes sir, you have a distinct lack of imagination..
  13. That would apply if you were riding naked...
  14. You need an electric waistcoat. Best bit of biking gear I ever bought. Keeps your core warm so your hands don't suffer anywhere near as much.
  15. Finding the limitations of the heated grips? I thought you would be in the car by now anyway. Poor VF, there can't be too many left being treated to such hardship.

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