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  1. The VF750 never got line bored. The VF400 never did either. The 500 and the 1000 did eventually.
  2. Believe me you don't want to go there re oil mod. My own opinion is the VF750 was a game changing bike back in the day but it had major engine issues from day one which Honda never fixed, gave up on pretty rapidly, and built the VFR750 to try divert attention away from the VF750. Tells you all you need to know really. Your 650 looks very nice btw. The front wheel looks very close to the headers. Might be a bit nervous in the corners?
  3. Polishing a turd IMO. If you are not doing it for the money fire away but there are much better candidate bikes out there. Parts for the VF750 are hard to come buy and expensive IME.
  4. Not bad but getting it to fit and be stable in the wind loading might be a challenge.
  5. The Honda 5th Generation VFR800 in the UK seems very undervalued to me. No idea why that is. Maybe they are a victim of their own success and there are loads of them still around because they were so well engineered. Anyway, hope you get what you want for it.
  6. You are right and I am incorrect. I assumed the bel ray bits were one piece but I see now they are the side panels. Safe to assume they are all from a VF500.
  7. The nose cone and and the side fairing with loads of stickers are from a UK 1986 VF500. The thing with a bel-ray sticker is from something else entirely. The the tail piece could be VF500, can't tell exactly.
  8. Any condition will do. I really only want it for the spring so if the damping has gone AWOL, that's not a problem. I'm in UK/Ireland. I have one now. Thanks to all who responded.
  9. Turning the pavement into a (noisy) garage. you must have very understanding neighbours.
  10. It is going to be a minter at this rate. I hope you are keeping a count of the hours.
  11. Four bikes and not even a shed to keep any of them in. Addicted you are.
  12. VF400 wasn't 86 though. Think it had gone by then.
  13. In that case I have done mine incorrectly. I followed a guide with pictures and that shows a Carbtune with 3 and 4 displaying less vacuum. (The more vacuum you have the higher the steel rods rise up the tubes). Thanks for pointing this out too!
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