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  1. 10-4 I'll give it a shot and report back as soon as I can.
  2. Thanks mate, going on 39,000, just got the bike, worked find within a hundred miles ago, but I'll start with bleeding. Any idea how to check plate tolerance? I know my way around a bike, but have not had the opportunity to open up the transmission/clutch yet.
  3. It seems as though my '10 1200f is having increasing difficulty engaging the clutch, specially with the clutch lever itself. I have an adjustable clutch lever, which I believe is stock, and on setting "1" the friction zone is within a half inch of the grip, I have to squeeze the lever against the grip to feel like I'm pulling the clutch in enough to shift. On setting "5" for instance, once I pop it into first, the bike starts moving with the clutch all the way engaged. Again, it seems like this is getting worse. I removed the lever and check fluid level, things seem normal, no leaks. What should I look for here? Cheers
  4. I called "CARS" and asked about this, sounds like they do take in donated vehicles (possibly "wrecked" ones too, like my bike), and then sell them TO dealers, who sell them to the public. Guess that's much more mundane than I thought it was going to be xD Let's just hope I can transfer this title now...
  5. Howdy all! So long story short, I purchased my 2010 from a small dealer in Arizona, when reviewing the title, the previous owner (as in, the dealer I bought it from never officially transferred the title to their own name, they just kept it in a released state til the next buyer could take ownership) was actually a business entity as well, but with the name of "Charitable Adult Rides and Services." Has anyone heard of this place? What does that mean my bike's been through? Did some rich dude donate the bike for the organization to raffle? But then why is their name still on the title? Any particular reason why it was trashed when I got it? I'd assume auction/raffle bikes are pretty mint usually? Cheers!
  6. Anyone know if the 1200 needs a resistor for the led blinkers?
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