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  1. Great, thanks. So it doesn't matter which way the little pointers point then? I'm pretty sure my airbox has not been removed before.
  2. Yep, and the BT020's she's currently wearing 🤮
  3. Today has brought a little progress. Mrs Skids was able to help me remove the fuel tank and then I was able to remove the air filter housing ready to attack the PAIR system once the blanking plates arrive. Spark plugs will be changed as well as they are now easy to get at. Must admit the air filter housing was harder to remove than I recall. The small doobry thing (bypass control solenoid valve 😉) front right beneath the housing which has the #12 & #15 pipes going into it, was a real bugger to remove. I think on my previous 5th Gen I re-routed the pipes so the doobry would lift up easily enough so I could remove the electrical connector with ease. Anyway, it's all apart now. Filter looks pretty good for less than 100 miles on it, however, it was fitted almost 11 years ago! New one should be on its way. I do need to ask a question though....I thought the velocity stacks (I think that's the correct term) have 2 little pointers on them which I thought were supposed to be pointed in the same directions (forwards and inwards), yet if you look on the picture below, you can see that they're not. I am 99.9% sure that the velocity stacks have not been touched since they left the factory so is this the way they should be mounted or does it not matter. If it doesn't matter, what are the little marks for?
  4. I figured you weren't fully serious, however you do make very valid points....all these tyres will be far better than my ability to use them to the full.
  5. Plenty of advice available as to the great biking roads.
  6. Thanks all, I have some thinking to do.
  7. That sounds great, thanks. If you don't mind, what's the source of this insight? In the business or just a well trodden biker?
  8. Talking of bling.....the LED rear taillight arrived this week from Thurn Motorsports and as I can't really do much more today (I need another pair of hands to help with removing the half full fuel tank - may have to resort to draining it the way we were taught in physics at school) I decided to fit it. Really simple and a quality fit too. Very well made product, as you'd expect from a German supplier. Fitted the supplied replacement flasher relay too. Also ordered a voltmeter and mount. The mount sits around the ignition barrel, a really simple fit. The voltmeter display came in a choice of colours so I choose cool blue. Obviously, I then had to buy a set of replacement LED dash bulbs in blue too.
  9. Are you mad? No, there are other expenses required on the Fi right now.....new brake pads, caliper overhaul, bling....you know the stuff
  10. Thanks m8, exactly what I want to do. Just looking for some names, that's all.
  11. Budget-wise, it's a service for me. A Nitron or other will definitely be an improvement but right now, the pennies have to go elsewhere.
  12. Thanks m8. Are not they not focused a little too much on wet weather?
  13. Dropped the forks and rear shock with Darren at MCT this morning. As I don't believe they have been touched since they came out of the factory over 21 years ago, I've gone for a full service on the rear, same on the front plus new springs & valves. He says it should only take him a couple of weeks but it'll be the summer before the bike is ready for the road so I'll have to wait to see what magic he can create for me. He transformed the handling on my 1200F so I trust him to do a great job for the money. In the future I may fit an aftermarket rear shock, probably Nitron, but I want to wait and see what the serviced OEM shock is like.
  14. I need to replace the Bridgestone BT020's on my new-to-me 01 VFR800. Whilst there is plenty of tread left, I think the date code puts them to 2005 manufacture. And I always disliked the BT020 anyway. My usual choice of tyre for the last few years has been the Metzeller Roadtec 1. It's a wet-weather oriented ST tyre which suits the changeable weather over here in the UK for both my 800X and 1200F but I'm not intending the ride my 01 in the wet unless by accident, so my question is: are there any more suitable tyres? They don't need to be track tyres, I still need longevity (rear - 8k+ miles from my Roadtec's) but better dry grip would be great, as long as they don't turn into ice skates if I do get caught out in the rain. I'll do some research once I've identified a few makes/models so any suggestions greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  15. No issues, bulb holders and supplied amber bulbs fit perfectly.
  16. Managed to get the rear shock out. Secret was raising the swing arm pretty high then the shock had room to drop through the hole while missing the cat. Off to the specialists with them as soon as I can.
  17. I've not tried the bulbs yet, I'll have to let you know when I do.
  18. It's now hitting over £1.70 per litre here, that's £7.73 per UK gallon, £6.41 per US gallon, or $8.33 per US gallon. Shan't stop me riding my VFR's though!
  19. Good point! But then I'm going to have the tops exposed anyway, I need to check the rubber hoses beneath the injectors for any signs of deterioration and I may well delete the PAIR as well. Not sure I'm going to be putting that many miles on her though. Do they provide anything else other than a longer service life and bigger hole in yr wallet?
  20. Also, anyone got an opinion on Iridium spark plugs? Worthwhile?
  21. That nice man, Gerhard at Thurn Motorsports delivered the replacement smoked front indicator lenses today so I've fitted those to check them out. In Germany it's illegal to sell LED replacement bulbs so I will have to source some from over here. Can anyone confirm that these would work? Bought the indicators without having to pay import duty (thanks Brexit) because the total cost was under £135. I had to research that to check if the final price would be significantly higher with import tax. Oh for the days when we didn't have to worry about that! If you look carefully, you can also see the replacement LED headlamp bulbs which arrived whilst we were away. Straight replacement fit, no extra wiring or large fans or anything. Not been able to try them out yet as I've removed the battery from the bike but I will try them before putting the original incandescent bulbs back in for the MoT test. No intention of riding this bike at night, they are for safety as the VFR headlights, being so close together, are a unique sight and LED will only make that more obvious.
  22. Scotland was a nice break and we even had some lovely weather too but now I know I have to crack on as I really need to get the suspension over to MCT before he gets too busy with the approaching season. So I've removed the forks ready to deliver but the rear shock has to wait until I can get a helper (Mrs Skids) to aid with removing and emptying a half-filled fuel tank so I can access the upper shock mount. Linkage plates came out easily enough though I'm wondering how to torque them back up as there is such little space in there the torque wrench and socket wont fit. I hope it doesn't involve removing the downpipes.
  23. Welcome. Did you know, riding a VFR1200 is like making love to a beautiful woman.... The Brits will understand.
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