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  1. So I might have done a thing......

    I have a sixth gen swingarm sitting right here...
  2. Dead headlights

    Came here to type this. The switch in question is a cheap fix from Amazon, but you also develop the habit of pulling back on the starter button after using it...
  3. Pacific Coast Highway and the Crazy Canuck

    Plus 1!
  4. The Ace Of Spades Baltics Tour 2016

    And to think that my teenage daughter went to a school 4,903.1km away from yours!
  5. The Ace Of Spades Baltics Tour 2016

    Story, please!
  6. To bring everyone in on the joke: same wheel and (flat) tire.
  7. Spare tire

    And how it got to you:
  8. New donation from 2k1GoneWild

    I couldn't bear to see you $3.95 below your fundraising target!
  9. New donation from 2k1GoneWild

    Hi digitallyhip, Thank you for your donation of $5.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  10. The Ace Of Spades Baltics Tour 2016

    Leon: I am really sorry that this happened to you and your fine bike. All the usual platitudes, of course. But I have a better explanation for the cause of the accident! Clearly the driver forgot to: Pass the Dutchy...
  11. And some of you guys thought that Polarbear and I carried too many spare parts before!
  12. New donation from 2k1GoneWild

    Attaboy! What's one less bottle of Petales D'Osoyoos?
  13. Help Please

    Done! Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Miguel. And of course: thank you for all things VFRD!

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