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  1. Thanks everyone for the posts. I like this idea! Not too invasive. Swfarrar, does the gps sit completely behind the windscreen?
  2. Hi All, Has anyone installed a gps / device mount? Where did you install it? What positioning is best? After making several u-turns on my last trip I've decided it's time to 'ask for directions' and mount my android phone. I'm looking at this so far: http://www.twistedthrottle.com/ram-b-238-diamond-plate-base-2-25-x-1-25-base-with-1-diameter-ball-required-for-all-device-cradles-when-used-with-a-ram-arm http://www.twistedthrottle.com/ram-x-grip-universal-spring-loaded-universal-holder-w-1-ball
  3. How can you tell if your lines are free of air bubbles? I just change my brake and clutch fluid for the first time. After a happy dance of finally doing it myself someone has now got me all paranoid by saying "if an air bubble crept up in there you wont have any brakes". I took the bike out right after changing the fluid and the brakes were nice and smooth all the way through. I then practiced some emergency braking and all seems well (slightly better actually). Can air bubbles show themselves over time or would you be able to notice them right away? Is there any way to ensure the lines are free of air bubbles?
  4. I went with 16/43. I had finally decided on going 17/45 - however, finding a 45 rear sprocket in Canada is difficult. Since I needed to change the chain soon, I went with 16/43. So far I LOVE the torque pulling off from the line. I ride with a passenger quite a bit and having that extra power in first helps a lot. Highway riding thus far is okay - the higher revs don't bug me as much as I thought they would and gas mileage hasn't really changed. The one downfall I've found is having to switch gears almost 1/3 more often. I feel like I'm back on my Ninja 250 at times. I think 17/45 will be perfect. I'm going to take my time and find a 45 tooth rear and revisit this post then.
  5. "I went with a 45 tooth rear sprocket, and stayed with the 17 tooth countershaft sprocket. I didn't go smaller in the front as I didn't want to increase angular velocity of the chain. That increased acceleration and I do like it." How many links do you need in your chain for this configuration? I know 108 links is stock for 17/43 - if you go +2 in the rear do you need more links?
  6. Hi all, Can you share your experience with modifying your sprocket sizings. It's time for a new chain and I figured I might want to try a different sizing on the sprockets. I'm plagued by the fact that I want it all - Higher acceleration would be nice as I do a lot of city riding and having some extra 'umph' in 1st would be great. However, I also do a lot of touring - and having lower revs cruising at highway speeds, and also better gas mileage, also appeals to me. I'm riding a 99 where the stock is 17 F / 43 R. Has anyone ever tried going lower in the rear and/or higher in the front to lower those revs?
  7. Alright so I've tested the passenger peg position a few times now and it seems to be doing the trick. Just have to be very smooth when doing it and make sure there's no traffic around and you have a nice straight road ahead.
  8. I did - however, after getting a sergent seat I found that the height problem was solved - it's just that my knees still kill me after about 2-3 hours. I've heard of people lying on the tank and using the passenger pegs - I'm a bit weary to do this - is it risky or am I just being a puss?
  9. Hi all, Could you suggest any kits to mount highway pegs on my 99 Viffer? I'm planning on doing my first Iron Butt ride this year. I've done a few long trips but fell short by about 100 miles but this year I want to finally conquer it! I just know though that my legs are going to be dying to be stretched out every so often - any suggestions?
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