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  1. 3 Years on, still a Blackbird owner. I miss that V4 feel but boy is the bird a better bike for my needs

  2. Can't believe I've had my blackbird 10 months already and covered 12k - She will be hibernating during the winter months though as I've passed my driving test!

  3. 6000 miles and 6 months with the bird

  4. 400 mile trip this weekend on the bird. Silky smoooooooth

  5. vfr_steve

    My Ride 4

    She is a beauty congrats!
  6. very VERY nice job! She is a beauty
  7. Back after a 500 mile trip to Wales, we had snow, rain and hail but had a great time, superb roads and scenery

  8. 3 day Trip to Wales on the Bird planned for Easter

  9. Over 4000 miles later in just a few short months and I am still loving my Bird

  10. vfr_steve

    My Bird

  11. Picked up my new Blackbird Saturday, I think I am in love

    1. vfr_steve


      Thanks mate - I really do love the combination of smoothness, power and comfort. I wanted a more recent bird because I have been told they're more reliable and I like the updated dash. Although any year you can't go wrong. Good luck on your search!

  12. Picked up my new Blackbird Saturday, I think I am in love

  13. Goodbye VFR - Totalled

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. vfr_steve


      Hey Charles, thanks for the response. I am ok thank goodness but the bike isn't! When I get a new bike sorted I'll post up what happened. Merry Christmas!

    3. robwalmsley


      Sorry to here the news,no wonder you commented about getting a blackbird.all the best for the new year.Cheers Rob.

    4. vfr_steve


      Cheers mate. All the best

  14. Cheers mate! I couldn't do it without my Gerbing kit ;)
  15. haha that's not the 1st time I've been called that. My commute varies to be honest, I visit a school that takes me a good 60 miles out of my way, on other occasions I'm only 15 miles or so... When I checked VFRD this morning I didn't expect to see this pic on the front page! :D
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