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  1. Dearest Martina, Like you, I only began this sport about 3 years ago. And while I love it ... I understand, all too well, how accidents and losses of people we care about can turn that love into trepidation and fear. Having said that, I'm so glad to see you coming back to the fold. ~Shannon p.s. does this mean we can get our female endurance race team together now??? :P
  2. oooohhhhh ... pretty!! (And that's saying something ... because as BR will tell you, I don't usually care for white vehicles of any kind! :blink: )
  3. Wow, beautiful pics!! I've got some family lore associated with the castle: my mother's maiden name was McRae and I have been told that the historically the McRaes were henchmen for the highland MacKenzies and the gatekeepers of the Eilean Donan. I hope to travel there someday to confirm the family mythology! :)
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