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    Hi Maritan - got your PM and thanks for your interest. I’m writing from my phone just now, so I don’t have the dyno charts you requested, but will attach them to a PM when I get back to my laptop tonight. My subjective opinion is that the 8 gen benefits from the headers the most; more than 5 gen or 6 gen. This is due to the symbiosis between Honda redesigning the 8 gen’s cams to beef up the midrange and the headers’ increased breathing capacity. The resulting 16% increase in horsepower and torque at 7000rpm is a fun kick in the pants. In short, we are between production runs and sold out of 8 gen headers at the moment - sorry the timing is off for your project. We will be gathering orders for another production run as folks chime in for more headers. Wade the builder will do a production run when we have six committed orders, so the entry point is more easily reached than the previous minimum of fifteen orders.
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    Wondering how you're doing that - do you have a dedicated bench mounted polishing setup?
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    No worries. Just got a bit of a surprise when I received an email from MyUS about a second headers. I had something of a "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" moment when reading it... *Internal dialogue" "Hey, I might get a second set of the you beaut VFRD Headers...Excellent!" "But they actually belong to someone else, who's paid good money for them, so you need to the right thing and let them know...Bogus!" 😆 All turned out in the end, though, so all is good.
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    Got out for a little fresh air during this very weird "shelter in place" time. Been out of commission with a broken rib shortly after installing the new headers, forgot how damn good they sound.
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    This is what I have going on with my header. Polish up!
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    That was my fault, the FedEx web site auto-filled your address in and I thought I had double checked before clicking the "ship" button. Sorry guys, I'll try better next time!
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    I should have mine on Monday as well as a PC3 on Wednesday. Getting her prepped this weekend.
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