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    ^^^In a word Awesome! The dyno graphs were dead on, midrange pull coming out of curve is defiantly noticeable. Sound is deeper (and louder especially when V-tec kicks in). The bike just pulls harder all the way up, you'll see 👍. The fit of the exhaust is great, you can see the planning and work that went into this (Great Job!). When installing I worked the rear first (left side) then worked forward. Once you get rear turn downs made up all the way exhaust fits like a glove. I used belt sander & my old gasket to get my gasket fit right. No mods to bike needed except the O2 extension wire. Wish I would have taken pictures of the install, this system looks good with the fairing off. Very pleased.
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    Shop artwork. Installed new exhaust yesterday, went for a ride today.
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