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  1. Yup, as a matter of fact, I just texted w him and his recently operated-on right hand is doing great. Wade has the hard cast off and is ready to begin signaling fellow motor vehicle operators: He goes in to have the left hand done this week, and he says he’ll be ready to build by the time we get 15 or more deposits collected. Duc2V4 and I will get the order system set back up and report back at this location.
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  2. I've finally gotten the suspension dialed in. Will start ordering parts soon for this winter update. Looking at an LSL or Helibar swap and getting back into the top end of the engine. Heated grips will be happening, as well as an install for a GPS setup. Had a great ride the other day with a fellow on a very nice multistrada.
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  3. Just got home from nine days of riding, I'll get to pics and video when I can.
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