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    Buyers do like stock, and yet once they own it often dive in to mods. As long as they're easily reversible the only buyer it would likely put off would be the one with no mechanical skills. Stock mite bring a wee bit more or make it more readily saleable, but I don't think in a major way.
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    Actually, we've got 3 VFRs in the garage (counting this one) and we'll probably put them all up for sale shortly. We are going to switch over to some ADV riding, so sales will go towards funding a couple of new Africa Twins. Thanks, everyone. Keep an eye out in the classifieds. You'll see some nice VFRs up for sale shortly. 🙂
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    Thanks, I can't find the terminals I want so I think I'll just cut the existing ones off and put my own on. Powerbronze rear hugger turned up today, hopefully this keeps some mess off the back end. I was mooching at @Skids signature and looking at MCT, it seems they are in Stowmarket which is only 20 minutes from me and even less from work so might see what they can do for me! Edit: I may have it booked in with MCT (sshhhhh don't tell the wife!!) although their next appointment wasn't until September!!
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    The Givi E251 topplate turned up (the generic one) and I mounted it to the Honda bracket, and put my old topbox on. Seems pretty solid, if I shake it the bike moves not the box, box definitely isn't as pretty, but it actually fits both helmets in at 55L vs 45L for the Honda one. A friend of mine is having his FJR1300 boxes resprayed to match his bike, so I might do that. Pretty incredible to think that's like 5 extra 2L coke bottles of space.....
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    Newest toys... R&G kickstand extender thing, easier than carrying a puck as it stays on, and came in handy parked on grass today while my friend hunted for random cans in the nearby bin to rest his fjr1300 on! R&G radiator guard, I always thought these were a little pointless, but having had a hole in the rad on my last bike convinced me otherwise! My first decent ride with the wife as pillion, to Mersea Island, also my first time with all the luggage on. Unlike the last bike, it really doesn't struggle with the extra weight at all, I adore this bike.
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