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  1. Those triangles were a Honda update, because sun shining through the windscreen would melt the corners of the dash surround without them. I have a melted surround and one of these with the update pieces.
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  2. Skids, check the VIN they indicate country of sale. But MPH speedo, says USA, not many other places use MPH. Pretty sure Aus, NZ & Canada have been KPH since before the 5th gen.
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  3. Just posting about a few things done on the '99, I'm coming up on 20-years of ownership this week (9/14) and just short of 118K miles. Finished up adding the Ducati 1098 rear wheel conversion with the Australian Extreme Creations kit. And more Sebspeed Customs parts, custom cut RC51 triples with an offset closer to the original VFR specs, with a Rizoma bar. VFRD Wild headers mated to the completely refurbished Wolf exhaust from sfdownhill, done late last year. And just had the Ohlins serviced a few weeks ago. More to come eventually, on the lookout for some forged wheels. Thanks to Sebspeed for the work to create the triples, awesome design.
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  4. I think he means R/R and the appropriate harness with the right connectors for it...... forget the VFRness altogether, unneeded then.
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