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    Have questions on removing the camshafts; with crank at "T1", both 1 & 3 camshafts gears have the lines level with the head...exactly where they are supposed to be, cylinder #1 is at TDC, but cylinder #3 is not as the intake cam lobe is just beginning to open the valve. So is the 1 & 3 camshafts removed with #3 not at TDC? I have not checked, but I assume that 2 & 4 are going to be the same, with #2 at TDC, but not #4. Just want to be sure I am not missing something before I remove the cams so as to correct valve clearances.
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    Valves are not really out of spec....just at the tight limit.....but agree with you.....remove the cams and change the shims to get the clearance in the middle of the spec. Have been reading the Honda Service Manual, looking at the pictures as well.....just a bit nervous. I did remove the radiator....it is easy and quick to do...yields more room....plus I can clean-out all the bugs (again). Time to head-out to the garage.....
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    Ah the serenity! Very nice shot
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    Well I managed to find a few hours, got the aluminum piece machined up and installed. To me this is the perfect solution for mounting a power socket and USB. Only downside is that it raises the bezel around the key hole and now I cannot use the steering lock. Though not a major issue right now for me. In the future I'll probably eliminate the bezel or modify it to allow the key to push down enough to engage the steering lock
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