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    Here you go. Be gentle with the inner visor, it's easy to snap the tabs, and be aware it's not just the black section, the red (on my bike anyway) bits on each side are part of the same piece.
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    The common way stators fail is a short to ground, so you need to have your Multimeter on the highest Ohms range, place one lead on any of the 3 output wires and the other to the frame of the bike (a solid ground point OR the Negative of your battery), make sure your fingers are NOT touching the tips of the meter probes. You should see infinite resistance i.e. no continuity to ground, if you do see any resistance then the Stator is no good. Haven't seen a situation where any of the phase windings go open or short circuit, but that is always on the cards!. The 0.5ohms you're saying over the factory spec may well be just the meter lead resistance. You need to short your meter leads together read the very low value and subtract that from your reading, to get the true Ohms reading of the output wire phases.
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    Thanks for the replies. I may well have a look at having it repaired. My brother is a welder, first on nuke subs, then nuke plants, now jet engine parts. If I take the collector off and cover it in ice cold beer, it may attract his attention. My job got extended by a week so I'm at the airport, not headed to Maine, but south to Lauderdale..............well, guess it pays better than riding my motorcycle.
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