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    From the album: RC36

    Lots of rain caused some minor flooding. The river Lek is about three times as wide as it normally is. The dykes on both sides protect the villages and farms from being flooded. Looking southwest with the small village of Everdingen in the background. google maps location

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    The only ray of hope I can offer is I think they recently had another $1 m in backing from a venture group? To be honest I'm not planning on anything. If it turns up it turns up. Least I got my handlebar control ( useful as an ashtray on a motorbike) and the headset which still has a limited volume range.
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    (828) 349-9000
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    Thanks Bdouvill! I took them apart multiple times and could not for the life of me figure out what was wrong, especially when the plates were all lining everything up..... in the end I realized the center plate may have lined up but it was actually flipped 180 degrees from the correct position. Keep up the good work! Im enjoying following your thread!
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    There is a bunch of starting From The BC/Wash border and making our way down thru the cascades/ Levenworth/Yakama Canyou/ Hood River/ Sisters-Bend/ Over to the coast/back up to Troutdale Or. If anybody is interested in tagging along there will be a of bikes but mostly VFR's I can send you info if you wanted to look at it. PM me.
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    Blimey, that fork seal is...beyond words! I think everything on this bike should be inspected--I wouldn't take anything for granted. (Check inside the tyres!) Ciao,
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