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Mystery fork caps

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Just acquired a 96 4th gen. Possible replacement for a 91 3rd gen that I have been working on. Have some issues with the new one. Picked it up for a "bargain" as it is leaking gas on start up. Hoping to be simple o-ring or float? If this works out, will have VFR with fewer miles and plastics in excelent condition.

Just getting a good first assessment before tearing into carbs.

Tonight's question:

What are these forks capped off with?

Flush black plastic? No visible means to remove?20180928_204213.thumb.jpg.acecf56763a1b703931040c2bf4feb4f.jpg

My 3rd gen has hex nut caps, and is my understanding that 4th gen should have adjustable pre-load caps.   


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There are spacers under the handle bars to raise them up a bit. There are tubes added to hide the fact that the handlebars have been raised and the caps cover the tubes. You should be able to get a  utility knife under the lip and pry them out.

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Ahhhh,...I had seen what looked like a spacer. Was going to measure and compare to other bike. So what has been done, raised bar height but ride height/rake is standard? 

These spacers must thread into tubes where caps should be. What caps and retains spring now? I assume they must now have fixed pre-load spacers.

I am pretty comfortable with previous bike and standard bars. Will most likely convert back. Will after market adjustable caps work, or need OEM?

Anyone have a pair?

There are some mods that have been done by original owner. That knowledge has been lost as he passed away. I purchased from 2nd owner (6 yrs) who used as is. 

More mysteries to find.


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My 94 had those same risers on it when I bought it. Those caps are strictly cosmetic. The original fork caps are underneath. Simply remove the black caps, and you will see.

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It's a bit dodgy to use those caps, as you're basically decreasing the clip-on clamping area by half.  That would make me uncomfortable, but I'm sure most people experience no problems.  However, many VFR riders raise the forks in the triples by 5-10mm for more nimble handling, so if you do that, too, you can ditch the cosmetic caps and get back to full clamping on the clip-ons.





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Thanks to all.

Limited time for investigations since picking this up. 

Duh,....popped a cap off and all is clear!

Think i will remove risers and set to normal to start. Then experiment with dropping front for quicker geometry.

I am transitioning from an old but fast and fun Yamaha FZ600. Handling on that was effortless.

Again - thanks to all. I will attempt to do due diligence in future before crying help!

Now,...about that gas leak. Any ideas?


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