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I want to do a custom dash. Anyone done this?

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I would like to do a custom dash. I would like it to have:


1. RPM gauge - about half the size of stock. 

2. water temp. 

3. Speedometer if possible or a gps that has a large speedo option on the screen. 

4. Monitor to use for gps or rear view camera. 

5. Don't need voltage as I already have one in the black area on the left side.  I also added an idiot light to tell me when the charging system is weak or running fine. It is easier to see than the voltage meter so I like it......If it is green I am above 13.2, if below that yellow, below 12 I think yellow blinks and below 11.2 then red blinks I think....directions are in the garage.  


I think all of the above are doable but it is the odometer that I think will give me some trouble. 

I have seen some of the crafty stuff you guys do so I am guessing someone has already done this. Some guy in Philly is doing custom dash's but I would rather do it myself. 


not the best dash to try and modify but it looks doable with patience and a lot of time to get the front plated just right. I would have to make a nice face plate first and then hold it up to the stock one and see what it would look like. I would need to leave a lip on the stock one all the way around so that I had some thing to attach the face plate too. May be too flimsy once cut out. It may be better to wait until one is for sale on ebay and modify it. I am leaning towards doing that if someone else hasn't done it and can send specs and or pictures of what theirs looks like. 




I would either do it in MDF and put a hard textured paint over it or find some hard resin and pour a mold. 



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Im running an acewell on my 5th gen, with a separate water temp guage. Newer koso and acewells will have everything except the rear view camera.

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You want a rear view camera on a bike?

Not trying to be rude, just sounds very foreign to me. Do you want it for backing up or to use like a rearview mirror?

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