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Least Favorite Mods


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Following Joey Dunlop's death, I put a "Joey R.I.P." decal on my OEM windscreen.

So far so good.

But to remove some glue residue later, I used a solvent....... leaving some irreversible milky stains on the screen.

Hence I bought a smoke one..... :goofy:

Next time pick off with Your fingernails, then clean with starting fluid, follow with Honda cleaner....ask me how I know about "windshield-decal-removal"...... tongue.giftongue.giftongue.gif

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"Least Favorite Mods"

And all this time I thought this thread was about me, Boy I feel better now! :goofy:



:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Funny chit :goofy:

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Cheapass plastic hugger looks awful but it does the job, so I put stickers all over it cause who the hell cares. Then some gel pro grips that melted on my trip to Glacier NP and stuck to my gloves, the red soft part just dissassociated from the harder black rubber and stuck to my winter gloves when I used my heated grips. Spend the whole day at around 45 degrees it was freaking cold for September! I stopped at some gas station to warm up and my gloved peeled off the red part I was so disgusted!

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Worst mod ever was my previous Yamaha when it was near new.

Some a$$hole keyed the gas tank while it was parked outside my apartment building. :angry:

I don't consider dropping the bike or crashing "modifying" it.

I like the 1 tooth down in front mod. :rolleyes:

Hate aluminum sprockets. I really like having a private garage.

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