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Motorcycle wont idle when warm

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43 minutes ago, bmart said:

Looks nice! I wish that someone would volunteer to do mine. It has been icky since I bought the bike. 

 I hear you, it is a lot of work. I'll be glad to be finished.

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Final stage completed today I took my time slowly rotating the tank to make sure it got completely coated. That took over an hour. 


I will leave it for a week to cure. The new gaskets came during the week too.

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On 2/5/2023 at 2:11 AM, Grum said:

Your fan coming on at around 80degC sounds too low! Fan thermoswitch should switch on from 98-102degC. Is your coolant level ok?

Good spot. I just checked the overflow tank.... bone dry.


I will do a coolant flush, then fill with new coolant. Hopefully there is no leaks.🤞

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