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VFR 750 in Canada

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I started riding at the age of 30, a 1977 cb550 basket case that I put together and modified as a cafe racer., sorry no pics. After 5 years of riding and some relationship problems I sold it and have been off motorcycle for 20 years. Last fall a neighbour of mine came across a 1991 vfr 750 for $500 that was in need of some tlc, I brought it home and have spent the last year lurking on this forum and fixing it up.  Last week I finally got it on the road only to find the clutch is slipping. I am waiting for a new clutch, hopefully to be here by the weekend. I have always wanted a VFR, and one just fell into my lap, I feel is was destined to happen and can't wait to put some more miles on her. Attached is 1 before pic and 2 of the current condition. 




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Nice.  Looking good.  I recently went thru a $400 1990 to flip and when I was almost done bought a 1992 for $500 that I'm going to keep.


You are going to enjoy that bike.  Have a great summer.

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Thanks Captain 80's, I did all the usual stuff






a ton of plastic repair




stator and series rr

seat recover


Its a 91 with 85k km and still runs like a top. If the clutch wasn't slipping i'd be out on it right now, lol

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When you get the clutch done and outside on a ride, please take some better pics.  Like in "landscape" mode.

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Welcome to VFRD from across the pond :beer:

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Welcome to the asylum from The Land Of Interesting Weather Sparky0227. You do have great taste in MCs. Wishing you safe and fun riding.

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