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  1. Hello & Intro

    Welcome to VFRDom! That is a really clean 5th gen. Nice find.
  2. Bike Idling at 3k RPM!

    When we did the sync on my 07 at the Spring Ride, the idle came up and would not back down. After a lot of inspection, it was the threaded end of the idle cable at the throttle bodies had frozen. We only thought it was all out. A little WD soak and it backed on down. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Busted up VFR. .

    That is just not right!
  4. wtf

    It's really not bad, just takes some time to get used to where to look. Some things like adding pics is way easier. BTW. This is in the 6th gen section?
  5. FallRide Pics

    Hope to see you this spring. Heal quickly. If it makes you feel any better about missing the FallRide, you missed this....
  6. Buying advice - 8th gen

    Buy the base model and spend the money you saved on suspension mods. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. FallRide Pics

    Where’s that damn like button? The Siena’s were great for saving my bacon on the SESand and Gravel Tour. When I was complaining to Kimball about my S21's only lasting like ten days, he informed me they only last eight days in the mountains. Now I know. Tire shopping has begun. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Lost the Love

    I hardly ride except for the Spring and Fall Rides. Family time trumps me time the rest of the year. I trying really hard to ride while the joy is still with me. Join us this spring and bring your family. We can tell them lies just like everybody else. [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. FallRide Pics

    Big shout out to KanadianKen for these. Rob’s Migs were the sound track to my week. More of a super car sound to the small block sound of my Staintunes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. PRB 4th Annual Fall Ride

    Carvers don't count.
  11. FallRide Pics

    So, due to our bad behavior, Rob and I needed tires before the FallRide even started. He was able to find the front he needed just south of us. I needed two and had no luck. On the plus side, the shop was near one of my all time favorite BBQ joints. There was a really good turnout this year. I didn't get a head count. I went home early. Tire management boys and girls. After everyone pulled out on Friday morning, I started loading my stuff and saw them spraying down the motel. Maybe they didn't like us?
  12. FallRide Pics

    I was in the process of begging to leave on Saturday for the PreRide Tour when word came in that Rick (RDMcD) would not be able to make the trip. I changed my tone and told my wife I had to leave so that Rob (VFRpwr) wouldn't ride alone on Sunday. I also told her that I had to stop and see Sam (SamW) as he was just returning home from getting a Titanium connecting rod installed...in his leg. So I stopped in to see that Sam was in really good shape and then headed to Marion an hour up the road. After driving around scouting breakfast for an hour, we settled on McDonalds. We then suited up and proceeded to the Back of the Dragon for two full runs. It was a great warm up of about 90 miles and we headed to the motel to help Donna (TheGirl) unload her bike at 3: First lap...I think he was happy! About an hour after Donna's dinner time, Steve (007) arrived. We walked to dinner and then returned to the motel parking lot for some planning. Day one of the tour, we proceeded to the Snake and made multiple passes. Steve found some locals he knows and we couldn't get him to stop. Yes, they are that bright! My pass looked just like this except that my bike is red and I was a little more in focus! After a few shots of Steve, I looked down and found this at my feet... We spent much of the afternoon lost on gravel covered roads. There were lots of pucker moments. Thanks to the Sena's Rob and I were using, I had a running commentary on road conditions. It was like a rally navigator in my ear. We finally decided to cut and run up the slab. arriving at the hotel after dark. Should have been a sign. Rob and I decided that day one would be renamed the SESand and Gravel Tour. When we rode into the hotel we were approached by a guy who was really happy to see us. It turns out that he is a new owner of a 4th gen and is a member of VFRD. Mike was in town on his GS this time. We had really important plans for day two that lead us to stop here first thing in the morning. It appears that you also park a BMW motorcycle in two spots. It was warm and a few bugs. We finally rolled into Little Switzerland just in time to grab a beer and watch the sun set over the valley. The extra chair was pulled up in honor of Rick. We began day three with a run down the DiamondBack. Then we on to Carver's Gap to take yet another picture without any Carver's. I think Rob was not happy! Man that red looks good doesn't it? Food pic! This is what fuels the Bratwurst Bullit. When you ride with TheGirl. Another successful tour in the books. Just for contrast to day two's accommodations. That's it for the PreRide. The FallRide hasn't even started yet.
  13. FallRide Pics

    I know there weren't a lot but post em here.
  14. PRB 4th Annual Fall Ride

    I made it home safely. Unfortunately it was on Friday. Tire management boys and girls. I behaved badly. My reward was to drive in beach bound traffic for eight hours on Saturday. Back home tonight. I have spent at least eight hours on the road for each of the last eight days. Ride report tomorrow? Hope the rest of you are home safe. I did see on VFRD FB that there were no awards and no offs! The view from the helm of the Creeper Van.
  15. Advice needed on second bike

    I talked to several people about a CB300 and was told it was a great starter bike but not enough guts for a grown man. The used 500’s are not much moremoney. The DRZ SM would be fun too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk