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  1. I doctored your shirt design to fit the square format. If you don't want it, it didn't cost a thing. ;-)
  2. The end of a successful day. Lunch stop Rick was done near the end of day four. He rode three more. 550HP twin turbo beer wagon. Dragon sticker for the new bike... with supervision. Starter valve sync on The Beast. Thanks to Uncle Daddy for bringing the tools and all those who chipped in when MiniCarver was nowhere to be found. It was a popular spot. I was first out with my coffee to find this. Decided that I'm not faster than Trace's speeding bullet. Taking a dam break. I found the sign humorous because everybody walks down the path to take a leak. Erik Buell has nothing on Curt's engineering skills. Todd was the winner this year. Saturday night rain. They kept saying "you call this a hurricane?". Oyama is a hard dude. Suited up and pulled out for home in a downpour. Seven days of riding, time for a little rest. Thank you Ben, Bob, and Jason for making it happen. But wait, there's one more...
  3. Rob and Rick greeted me with a frosty beverage upon arrival in Franklin. These were not the aliens that they seek. Once you've had Rick's.... Pre-ride day two.Ran into SamW and Don at Shady Valley Store. Carver's Gap is so fresh and so clean. Never pass up a chance to visit. We never went over 50....ever. Bike parking for night two at Little Switzerland Inn. The view at dinner. Real food. After dinner checkup. Lunch day three. We found a sweet jump. End of day three. On the fourth day, we rode the Dragon. Thanks again Rob for planning an epic event!
  4. Demands, so far she demands attention. I have given her the nickname The Beast. It will all change soon. Thanks to Uncle Daddy, Burns, Kebrider, and everyone else who helped with the stuck idle screw issue she is really close now.
  5. I've decided that my grey hair is holding me back. Next year I'm going to shave my head. Yep, that will do it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. It was a great event thanks to Bob, Ben, Jason, and all of those who support them. Lots of regulars where missed this year and I hope to see you all return next year. You missed a great one. Pics to come.
  7. Never saw you. Hope everything is OK.
  8. EPIC! Rob is a genius. Pics when I get a minute.
  9. Microtel in Franklin, NC. Before 9:00 Friday and Saturday. Forty ish of us here. Bikes in the back. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. But did you do a proper burnout? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Sorry you won't make it. Watch for the fall ride. It's a blast too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Say it ain't so! You are an inspiration to all of us old guys who don't want to stop. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Maybe you should just say NO to BMW's Steve. Steve.bmp
  14. Bummer. If you can still lift a beer, you can enjoy the festivities. If you can't, I'll get you a straw. See you next week.
  15. Do you think that you have unleashed all of the factory power? You could be in the history books! I knew somebody would find the magic.