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  1. Synthetic Diesel Oil for Motorcycle?

    I haven't read this whole thread but I did mention this earlier so listen up... The 5W30 pictured above is "Energy Conserving". The round circle on the back states "Resource Conserving" Same thing. Any oil with this on the label contains friction modifiers which are NOT to be used in wet clutch motorcycle engines. That's one reason why the manufacturers recommendations start with a 10 weight oil and go up. This is a universal rule for oils in motorcycles. Unless things have changed in the last year, it still is. Get one approved for motorcycle engines. Your clutch will thank you.
  2. Synthetic Diesel Oil for Motorcycle?

    Pretty sure that's not good for wet clutch motorcycles. 10w40 is ok.
  3. received_771324006373574.jpeg

    Gorgeous sunset!
  4. Replacing K&N air filter and whooooaaaa Jack!!

    I had mice build a nest out of foam from various parts of my FJR some years ago. Right on top of the main wiring harness at the CPU. Chewed all around it but never touched the exposed wires at all. Whew!
  5. Push pins in Southern Ontario

    http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Honda-Clip-Trim-ARX-VFR-RVT-CBR-NSF-CRF-VT-NC-NS-CHF-FSC-NSS-90683-GAZ-003-x-10/222580893905?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Ebay seller from the U.K. She seems to have all sorts of motorcycle related goodies I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post that link here. If not, feel free to delete moderators.
  6. Push pins in Southern Ontario

    I've got some on the way Joe. Thanks.
  7. Push pins in Southern Ontario

    The bike came to me missing the 8 pins. Unless some have fallen out since I got it not long ago. It has only seen one major trip. I think the $4.50 Canadian each to my door would end up being about the same as the price you mention from ronayres.com
  8. Greetings from 'The Garden of England'

    Welcome Andy. Good choice!
  9. Push pins in Southern Ontario

    That's for one I believe, not a pack of ten. From Norway. Shipping would be extra to Canada.
  10. Push pins in Southern Ontario

    The guy behind the sales counter didn't give me that option. He just suggested I try elsewhere. I'd rather not deal with them anyways so I just left. The best price I could find was on line at $4.50 each for a batch of 10. Shipped to my door here in Canada from England! I did find them for as high as $12 each! Yikes, these little clips are expensive.
  11. Push pins in Southern Ontario

    And, of course they have not one in stock. They are "fairing clip" part number 90683-GAZ-003 Well...now I'm on a quest to find some regardless of price.
  12. Push pins in Southern Ontario

    Yup....them's the ones. I think they're plastic not rubber though. Thanks. I'll just bite the bullet and go to the dealership.
  13. I just had the plastic off of my 5th gen to do some head bearing work and found that I am about eight push pins short. Anyone know where a good place in Southern Ontario to get replacements? I assume the dealership is the obvious choice but they are pretty pricey for what they are. I need 10 (2 spares). Cheers.
  14. VFR in WV

    Dehydration. I always chug back a sports drink at gas stops when on a tour like you were. You were pretty close to Seneca Rocks. Worth checking out next time. Smoke Hole road is close by and is a hidden gem. As is the ride from Franklin to Brandywine (Highway 33). So many roads, so little time.
  15. VFR in WV

    How far into West Virginia did you get?