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  1. Following... LED headlight would be NEAT!
  2. Not sure how you feel about eBay, but here is a pack of 10 for $10USD with free shipping to Canadia. http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Genuine-Honda-Clip-Trim-90683-GAZ-003-/302123658121
  3. I tried doing that, but it said I only have about 2MB of space left... I had to go the imgur route...
  4. I was in the same boat. I ended up ordering from the dealer since most websites hosed me on the shipping. Dealer may be more expensive per part, but I didn't pay shipping... and I like to try and support local brick and mortar.
  5. I'm on the South side of Plymouth... But I'm out in the Bloomington area every other week or so... so if you see a red VFR1200 it's probably me.
  6. Check out the Guhl Motors flash posted all over this forum. I reflashed to get rid of the restrictions and get my gear indicator back. What I really got out of the flash is a bike that just runs as it should. I still have a bit of a 'dead spot' at about 3500 RPMs, but WAY better than it was since the re-flash adjusted the fueling as well. Where in MN are you located? I've only seen one other 1200 on the road...
  7. My rear started to drag. I cleaned it up and just stopped using the rear brake... I only use it now to hold my bike at a stop at a light... or scrub speed when I see a cop...
  8. Flooded engine kinda makes sense. Before I re-flashed my 1200 and blocked the PAIR valves (probably completely irrelevant), my VFR was a fickle bitch some times. If I fired it up, revved the motor a few times (to show off to people how cool the Dam exhaust was) then shut it down, the next day she would not want to start or stay running until she cleared her system (usually a few minutes). I've found that she likes to be warmed up a little before I take her for a spin. If I rev the piss out of it (usually when someone about runs me over, and I need to let them know I am there), she may run like I fouled out the plugs or O2 sensor for a bit.
  9. Was only $10 or so to have a locksmith re-key my hard bags.
  10. If anyone is interested in doing the same mod, I have my scratched clutch cover, pressure plate and timing cover sitting in a box. I plan on taking some pictures and putting up for sale over in the classifieds section. I'm hoping it will help someone else out while recouping some of the cost of buying a cover off fleebay.
  11. As some of you may recall, last summer I let my wife ride my 1200 for the first time and it didn’t end so well (link). Thus began the process to replace all the damaged bits. Most everything was done via a large purchase though Ron Ayers online catalog, but the scratched clutch cover got me thinking about the SEBSPEED Covers seen on other VFR generations. A PM went out to @SEBSPEED and we got the ball rolling. While Seb HAS done one other cover mod on a 1200, whoever ordered the other cover never reported back… it doesn’t count unless there are pictures right? Since the 1200 clutch is a bit different than the 5/6 generations, I thought I would post up some more details. Since I wasn’t quite sure what I would be dealing with or what sort of complications I would run into, I figured it was best to buy a new (pre-scratched) clutch cover and have it sent to Seb. This way, my bike wasn’t down while I figured out the details. My biggest challenge was the pressure plate. As seen here, the 1200’s slipper clutch is held in with a C clip instead of 5 bolts as with other generations. The problem isn’t really that the pressure plate is held in with a C clip, it’s that Honda went ahead and made the pressure plate and bearing a single piece. They do not separeate (easily) like with other generations. I’m sure someone with the right tools can separate the two, but I didn’t want to push my luck. Powdercoating the pressure plate is out. I’ve heard success stories about rattle canning the pressure plate, so I prepped the plate and rattle canned the snot out of it. About this time, I’ve got my new unpainted clutch cover from Seb. I had the eBay seller ship it directly to him, so I don’t have any before/after pictures, but Seb does some GREAT work (as can be read in MANY other posts). My powdercoater commented that Seb welded the ring inside and out… Seb made the inside welds look just as good as the outside ones even though they will never be seen… so . Since I was having the new cover powdercoated, I wanted to try and match the OEM color as close as possible. It’s not an exact match, but close enough since my old and new covers weren’t even quite the same color. Jacobson’s Welding and Powder Coating out of the Twin Cities did a great job on the paint. How did the install go? With the right tools, it was cake. Pull out all the bolts, a couple light taps with my handy rubber mallet, and the cover came right off. I was expecting a 2 hour ordeal base off other experiences I’ve read. Took me all of 15 minutes to get it done… and I was taking my time since I didn’t want to break anything. Just watch out for the CKT sensor attached to the inside of the cover… don’t want to break that… (I swear the picture was in focus when I took the stupid shot)... Cover is off, swap out old pressure plate with new painted pressure plate. I purchased a C clip tool specifically for this job… and boy am I glad I did. Trying to use a needle nose like I’ve done for years is for the birds… A quick test fit with the new cover. New gasket seal, replace bolts, torque everything to spec, and button everything up and you are all set! Sorry for the bad final pictures, I was really excited to take them in my dark garage… I’ll get better ones in the daylight.
  12. LOVE those bags!
  13. Have you ridden the 1200F? I've got one and love it... AMAZING motor and brakes. I know the X is tuned differently and whatnot, but I'm curious to hear a comparison... Unless you want to take the long way home (through Minneapolis) and we can ride them back to back...
  14. I wish I could slap those plastics and headlight on my 1200...
  15. From a straight up performance standpoint, I don't think you gain much over the Z-bomb. What you DO get is a bike that just runs better due to fueling adjustments. If you already had a PCV and Z-bomb, you only really get your indicator back... I didn't raise the rev limiter or servo motor stuff since I may want to put stock exhaust back on the bike when I sell it and it's really not that much weight savings.