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  1. From a straight up performance standpoint, I don't think you gain much over the Z-bomb. What you DO get is a bike that just runs better due to fueling adjustments. If you already had a PCV and Z-bomb, you only really get your indicator back... I didn't raise the rev limiter or servo motor stuff since I may want to put stock exhaust back on the bike when I sell it and it's really not that much weight savings.
  2. I had the Z-Bomb and jumped on the Re flash. Personally, I'm glad I didn't drag my feet and wait. The Z-Bomb, while eliminates the 1/2nd gear limitations drove me crazy that I list my gear indicator. For me, the reflash came down to two big points: A) I got back my gear indicator and there was nothing that jumped out saying "hey I've been modded" B) Improved fueling. I figured I could go the PCV route and tune my bike and live with CE lights coming on because of the O2 eliminators, OR go with a re-flash map that would get me 90% to where I wanted to be. Between the fueling and the removed limitations its the best money I spent on the bike. PERIOD.
  3. I did that on my SV and blew the 'master fuse'... But I agree with Dutchy, take a break, come back and start checking fuses and relays. Buy a few spare/new fuses so you can swap out with KNOWN good ones. If that still no worky, start doing the same things with the relays. Good luck and keep us posted.
  4. I did not know that. Thank you for the great explanation.
  5. Really? I haven't done this on a bike in a while, but with a remote start in my car, I've done this more than a few times (also a Honda) and when I turn the key, I hear what sounds like a grinding noise... Wouldn't a bike starter work the same way? Or is what I'm hearing NOT a grinding noise?
  6. I vote for a Grom. They are a blast to ride and allow for an endless amount of license revoking stupid shit.... Plus they are cheap as dirt. If you cannot keep up with your buddies on your Gen8, a faster bike might NOT be the answer... Unless you are in North Dakota or Florida where corners are some sort of urban legend...
  7. First off. I'm glad you are okay. Second, I had thought about buying frame sliders and whatnot after letting my wife ride my 1200 (and having her dump the clutch at WOT from a stop)... I decided against it since I worry that no drill sliders (T-Rex and such) will cause more damage than the save in the event of a low slide. Since the sliders essentialy turn into a giant lever when sliding down the asphalt, who knows what will give first. How bad is the damage? I've still got all the rashed parts that need to go up on eBay... Some parts are worse than others, but I replaced anything that touched pavement (basically whole right side of the bike). Shipping might make it a little cost prohibitive, but PM me if interested.
  8. If not, I'll have to break out the 3d printer...
  9. PR4. Tires are expensive and I'm comfortable with how they handle in all conditions. I'd hate to try say a set of Dunlops and hate them.
  10. Yup. I didn't know my 1200 had a slipper until I took my new 'track' bike out on the track. Once I picked up the pace, I started banging down the gears like I would on my 1200 going into a corner and had a couple pucker moments... I know exactly how @Katie feels, once you have been spoiled by a slipper it's tough to go back.
  11. Damn... I want that square control unit...
  12. So you want your sport touring bike to look like a stunt bike?
  13. Those look like a seriously BAD idea. When that cage hits the ground, if that lip catches on something, that whole cage is going to act like a giant lever and do some serious damage.
  14. Welcome aboard! 700 miles a week is crazy. I drove 500 miles a week to my first job out of college and did that for a year. I couldn't imagine tossing in another 40 miles a day.
  15. Last time I was at the dealer trying to discretely take fork length measurements of an SV to compare against my track bike I overheard an interesting conversation between a potential customer and the sales guy. Customer: How many miles would I expect to get out of this bike (Yamaha Hayabusa 600RR or something similar)? Sales guy: Don't worry about that, most of these bikes are totaled within a couple years. Just make sure you carry full coverage so you can get it replaced.