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  1. 1986 Vfr Track Bike Out Of Parts

    What's the thought process of the holes next to the headlights? I bought a clapped out ex-race bike, and it looks like the PO tried to accomplish the same thing (poorly). I just tell people they are speed holes (reference), but I've never seen them on another bike...
  2. Why not leave the reed valves in place and just put the block off plates over the gasket?
  3. Guhl ECU mod

    I've got a 2010 without traction control... so not sure if this helps, but I don't have any wheel spin issues unless its morning/wet, and i get ham fisted with the throttle across painted lines on the road. The rear will spin up a bit in that situation, but it's never been unmanageable (or unavoidable). On my 2010, I actually found it more dangerous WITHOUT the GUHL flash. That is, I would get a sudden rush of power at worst times (full lean, painted lines, wet, etc) and that's when the rear would have the tendency to get squirly.
  4. LED Indicators

    How many wires? Running something like this inline would be easy... https://www.amazon.com/Magnolian-Efficiency-Converter-Supply-Waterproof/dp/B00A71E52G
  5. Sebspeed Clutch Window Mod Group Buy 2017

    I've got a spare 1200 cover rashed up and ready to send to SEB for this mod if anyone is on the fence.
  6. Opinon Time - Tires

    PR4. </thread>

    I've got close to 30k miles on my 2010 and I completely disagree with the seat comments. I like that it's a bit slippery as I tend to hang on with my knees anyways. If the seat was 'stickier', my pants would stick to the seat and my bottom would slide around in my pants... which means my drawers are always bunching up. The key is TechSpec/StompGrip pads on the side of the tank. Those make a WORLD of difference.
  8. Wheel Speed Sensors

    I thought the 1200 used optical transistors since the speedo ring had evenly spaced slots.
  9. This one or that one ?

    Bottom but see if he can make it so it doesn't look so washed out around the back of your helmet, headlight, back of the jacket, etc.
  10. Seat fit 2010 1200

    Looks normal to me. I just went out and snapped a picture of my seat.
  11. DCT model

    On my road trip from Minneapolis to Santa Fe, it seemed like the faster we went, the better my gas mileage got. When we slabbed it across OK on the turnpike I believe I got about 55MPG while traveling at speeds I won't admit to on the interwebs. edit: This was on my 2010 manual, loaded down with luggage, bone stock otherwise.
  12. Picture Thread

    <giggle> hornage </giggle>
  13. Stompgrip is cheating [with pics]

    I have them on my track bike and they are awesome. However, they are hard on my leathers.
  14. I had the same problem with my original rocker switch. I have a new rocker switch and it's night and day. With the old rocker I had to be very deliberate with the button presses for them to register. With the new rocker switch I just give the rocker a poke and the input always registers. I don't know if it's just a different lot of components or what. I was dead set on getting the push buttons before and now I don't think I need them... however the square is the best looking IMHO. @veeefour Are you ready for me to send back my old unit?
  15. Truck guys

    I dunno, I find the Honda Element makes a pretty awesome track day vehicle.