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  1. Picture Thread

    <giggle> hornage </giggle>
  2. Stompgrip is cheating [with pics]

    I have them on my track bike and they are awesome. However, they are hard on my leathers.
  3. I had the same problem with my original rocker switch. I have a new rocker switch and it's night and day. With the old rocker I had to be very deliberate with the button presses for them to register. With the new rocker switch I just give the rocker a poke and the input always registers. I don't know if it's just a different lot of components or what. I was dead set on getting the push buttons before and now I don't think I need them... however the square is the best looking IMHO. @veeefour Are you ready for me to send back my old unit?
  4. Truck guys

    I dunno, I find the Honda Element makes a pretty awesome track day vehicle.
  5. USB Power ideas

    3BR Powersports waterproof 2.1A USB adapter attached to the 'clip-ons'. Powered via the Quartet harness on my 1200.
  6. Bikecam Highlights Thread

    Is that a sponge sandwiched between your gauges and windscreen?
  7. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    They sound like independent systems to me.
  8. Spiegler LSL vs Heli bars

    I've got stock bars I would sell you. Once you switch over and decide which you like better, you can sell the other set for what you paid for mine... Just a thought. Trading is always tricky since your bike is down while you wait on shipping... food for thought.
  9. How sensitive is the ABS?

    How does ABS affect the rear brake when doing wheelies?
  10. Motorcycle DVR (Dashcam)

    Not sure if tape is playing backwards or if you are riding on the wrong side of the road.... How many 2 minute files does the recorder hang onto before overwriting the old stuff (assuming it's on some sort of loop). My worry would be that I go down (for whatever reason) and the camera keeps recording losing the video of the crash.
  11. I've got a 2010 and the only thing I would want would be the LED tail lights. The fuel gauge doesn't bother me. Sure, the first indicator disappears at 60 miles or so and then I lose another every 10-20 miles until the last one starts flashing... But in reality, I only really care about the amount of fuel left when it's getting low. I've always had bikes with low fuel lights or petcocks so my trip meter is my REAL fuel gauge. Traction control? Meh. I can get a little hot and heavy with the throttle and wheel spin hasn't been an issue (unless it's wet and I'm riding across painted lines). I would think it would only detract from the riding experience. I'd be more concerned with how the ABS works when wheeling and you need to bring the front tire down with the rear brake...
  12. Led Headlight conversion

    Following... LED headlight would be NEAT!
  13. Push pins in Southern Ontario

    Not sure how you feel about eBay, but here is a pack of 10 for $10USD with free shipping to Canadia. http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Genuine-Honda-Clip-Trim-90683-GAZ-003-/302123658121
  14. Linking to Off-site Images

    I tried doing that, but it said I only have about 2MB of space left... I had to go the imgur route...
  15. Push pins in Southern Ontario

    I was in the same boat. I ended up ordering from the dealer since most websites hosed me on the shipping. Dealer may be more expensive per part, but I didn't pay shipping... and I like to try and support local brick and mortar.