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  1. Sorry guys. Been busy as hell lately. I work the 6-8th and it's gonna be a bitch to get off. Idk if I'll be able to make this one...
  2. Hwy 1

    Man I haven't seen this in a while. Haha
  3. I'm in as a maybe right now. Had a fishing trip planned but I think I'd rather do this. I'm gonna see about bailing on the fishing and hopefully will be joining you guys. Either for the one day or overnight. Whichever ends up happening
  4. PCH-SR128 Ride January 22

    Dang. havent checked the forums in a while. Sad I missed this one!
  5. I'm down to meet up. George and I would be coming from a bit further north. What time are you planning on leaving? I work the evening before so I wasn't planning on leaving super early, but I could
  6. Haven't totally decided what time I'm going to leave yet, but most likely going to take the coast down to avoid riding through the valley and dealing with the heat. Care to join?
  7. I booked a room at shaver lake. Looks like they still have some rooms available.
  8. Should we be booking rooms in Shaver lake like last year?
  9. I'm not sure what my Friday is looking like but I might be down to join you.
  10. Where Are The SoCal Rides?

    You gotta join us NorCal riders. :)
  11. Sierra Nevada - Passes Open Tour - June 4th

    Hey it's George, Troy, and me!
  12. Sierra Nevada - Passes Open Tour - June 4th

    585 miles for me. Awesome ride guys. What's next?
  13. Sierra Nevada - Passes Open Tour - June 4th

    Put me down as a"probably". Definitely wanna make it but my knee is swelling up like a water balloon right now. Haha. So I'll see how things are goin getting closer to the end of the week.
  14. Who's up for a ride next weekend?