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  1. Maybe we can meet you for day two and three of the ride, the previous weekend we will be at VIR watching the MotoAmerica races. Possibly meet you somewhere on route on Day one, just see how it all plays out.
  2. Time to bring it to NE TN for your BRP ride with your daughter, I have 2nd and 4th Gen you can ride while I play with yours....
  3. That short straight looked bumpy and combine that with the transition, looked like it was too much for the Honda set up. MM looked very fast for the first few laps, Dani even seemed to pick up the pace once he got a little clear track. Texas is a MM track so we will see how he does. The Ducs need to qualify better.
  4. I am running LEDs on my 4th Gen, same comments as above, upgraded R&R and saw about +1 volt on the voltmeter after the LED install. Don't be surprised if you have to re-aim the headlights after installing the bulb. The base/heatsink of the bulb required me to modify the spring mount and rubber boot, but I am very happy with it.
  5. SOB, I guess it is the "or more," $1,070 or so.....
  6. That should not be a problem, we had a CB500x, a VFR800 and my Guzzi V11 Sport in a 6x12 V-nose and we did not take advantage of the V-nose, so two VFR's should be a cake walk. The three bikes were tight, uncomfortably so, but two bikes would be easy.
  7. I have a Big Tex 30sa trailer 5x10, sometimes I wish it was a little bigger, I can get 2 bikes easy, 3 bikes if I do some funny loading. Next one may be an enclosed trailer, 6x12 or bigger, I put new bias-ply trailer tires on last year with a matching spare. I don't get heartburn loading my bikes in a trailer, trying to get them in the back of a truck worries me, I see people who do it all the time, and never seen them drop a bike, just like my trailer better.
  8. Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your donation of $50.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  9. It is official, I am getting promoted to a position in our (2) Martinsville, VA plants this summer, it should be a temporary move (2-4 years), but it puts me closer to VIR for a few years, so I am planning to go to the MotoA race and other races at VIR this year and the as long as I am there. I used to go to Road Atlanta a lot, but have not been to a live race in years. Any other riders in the area? Any good rides in the area?
  10. Beware of the fluid dump once the piston is removed.
  11. To get the cylinder out, remove the slave from the bike and slowly squeeze the master lever until the piston slides out enough to grip.
  12. This system is just a pain to bleed. Sometimes it helps to remove the clutch MC from the bike and hold it in such a way that the MC to line connection is at the lowest point while you pump it. Also like the above said, make sure you have the clutch rod in.
  13. CYLINDER ASSY., CLUTCH SLAVE 22860-ML7-010 MR cycles has them for $77, at least the website says so. Not cheap, and there is not much to them, but I might be worried about the state of the piston/cylinder based on the MC picture.
  14. I have had to replace slaves in my '86, '95 and RC30. I just bought new OEM Honda and put them in. I have yet to try to rebuild one, but I saved my old ones thinking I would one day. Fluid always stays dark on the clutch vs. the brake side, not sure why. With the look of the MC, I might take it apart and clean it too, and consider a new line. Black fluid in mine before, but not pudding.