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  1. Saw this image today

    Only downside on those (CBR900RR) is the 16" front wheel, tough to find good rubber for it, although by now I am sure there is a 17" option that can be fitted.
  2. Braided front brake lines

    Does anyone have a source for the Tee style SS brake lines for the 4th Gen? I have them on my Guzzi, straight line from MC to right caliper that has a tee to the left caliper right above the fender. Sort of how the original lines are. Would also love to have this for my '86 VFR too, the splitter is a paint o bleed.
  3. What was your first bike

    Honda Hawk, NT650GT.
  4. please. No.

    But what does that really get them (HD)? Unless they change the image of HD, or cross breed products, you end up with two companies making two brands in two different locations. Is HD going to make Ducati better? Is Ducati going to make HD better? Nope, they will stay unique and separate and one will drag the other down hill (financially)... I think HD in the 90's and 00's lived off the image built in the 50's and 60's, now their image is a motorcycle for Doctors and Lawyers who want to pretend to be something else, and I am not sure that image is going to sell to the next generation. They will always have the loyal following, and sell a certain number of bikes, but I don't see significant growth for the next few decades. They are dipping their toes in electric bikes, which is good, but the V-Rod was not a glowing success story, which shows their customer base's propensity for new/different products that stray from their core offering. My biggest fear is that Ducati's MotoGP and WSBK efforts will be the first to feel budget cuts, and that is the core of Ducati.
  5. please. No.

    Well, if the MV Agusta saga teaches us anything, someone will buy Ducati in about 3-5 years for $1... Of course, with the way the world is turning, Ducati may sell HD for $1 in about 10 years...
  6. I had a similar noise on my '86, turned out to be the front sprocket and the output shaft it was mounted on making the noise, not the sprocket and chain. Sprocket was in good condition as far as teeth, but once replaced, the noise went away.
  7. 1st Annual VFRD Spring Memorial Ride

    Maybe we can meet you for day two and three of the ride, the previous weekend we will be at VIR watching the MotoAmerica races. Possibly meet you somewhere on route on Day one, just see how it all plays out.
  8. 1st Annual VFRD Spring Memorial Ride

    Time to bring it to NE TN for your BRP ride with your daughter, I have 2nd and 4th Gen you can ride while I play with yours....
  9. That short straight looked bumpy and combine that with the transition, looked like it was too much for the Honda set up. MM looked very fast for the first few laps, Dani even seemed to pick up the pace once he got a little clear track. Texas is a MM track so we will see how he does. The Ducs need to qualify better.
  10. Cyclops LED H4s

    I am running LEDs on my 4th Gen, same comments as above, upgraded R&R and saw about +1 volt on the voltmeter after the LED install. Don't be surprised if you have to re-aim the headlights after installing the bulb. The base/heatsink of the bulb required me to modify the spring mount and rubber boot, but I am very happy with it.
  11. RC30 themed helmet

    SOB, I guess it is the "or more," $1,070 or so.....
  12. Truck guys

    That should not be a problem, we had a CB500x, a VFR800 and my Guzzi V11 Sport in a 6x12 V-nose and we did not take advantage of the V-nose, so two VFR's should be a cake walk. The three bikes were tight, uncomfortably so, but two bikes would be easy.
  13. Truck guys

    I have a Big Tex 30sa trailer 5x10, sometimes I wish it was a little bigger, I can get 2 bikes easy, 3 bikes if I do some funny loading. Next one may be an enclosed trailer, 6x12 or bigger, I put new bias-ply trailer tires on last year with a matching spare. I don't get heartburn loading my bikes in a trailer, trying to get them in the back of a truck worries me, I see people who do it all the time, and never seen them drop a bike, just like my trailer better.
  14. Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your donation of $50.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion