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  1. I'd be interested in the water pump assy if you still have it. Price to zip 46725?
  2. Hi RC51Nick, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  3. When I installed my Staintune system (purchased used) I removed the stock gasket since it wouldn't allow the Staintune pipe to slip over it.. Just slipped the Staintune mid over the Honda outlet and clamped it down. No issues and no leaks.
  4. RVFR - I'll try to get you a shot in the next day or so. My exhaust collector that the pipe connects to is under the bike so I'm not sure what mid pipe you're talking about. The Staintune has a mid pipe that goes up to the underseat mufflers. I'll get you shot of the connection of that pipe to the factory exhaust.
  5. Def. interested but would need to have final info on the 02 bungs and outlet pipe dia for a workaround for the 6th gen. I too have Staintunes and I'm not getting rid of them on my 07 RWB.
  6. Will this work on a 6th gen? I'm assuming yes based on the original info in this post. Also are you guys planning on having the mount for the centerstand stop in the same OEM location as stock like the original Targa version was going to be? If so then I'm in. 6th gen with O2 bungs
  7. Appreciate the feedback on the plate. What I'll probably do is get the oem brkt installed and see what I need to do using carboard templates. You're possibly right on the fittment with the Staintunes. I need the plate to go aft enough to clear the tire and drop enough to clear the pipe. The info on the light will work. It looks nice. Thanks again,. N ick
  8. 3D... I love the plate bracket you had Sebspeed make for you. Couple of questions. What did you use for the license light and is there an addition small brkt between the plate and original Honda brkt? If so is that also something you had Sebspeed make? I'm thinking about asking him to make one for me. The previous owner put an aftermarket plate mount on my RWB and it's too far forward and I have to trim the plate to keep it from scratching the Staintune mufflers that are mounted. Thanks... Nick
  9. Thank you very much!!
  10. One thing nice about being in the Ft.Wayne area.... Jamie is local... Now to just get over to his shop and buy some suspension parts!!
  11. That's pretty cool.... If I can't find any I'll try making that mod. Can you do something similar to make a delay relay? My current setup fires the left low beam after voltage sees 13V and then 5 sec later the right low beam fires. Thanks again, Nick
  12. Thanks JZH. I did send an email to the AV company to see if they could forward my contact information to him. So far nothing. Appreciate the info though.
  13. I've used Lights4All for my 966 CBR900 and my RC51. Top notch stuff. Much better than "Clear Alternatives" which I had tried before. Don't know about Thurn but LIghts4All I would and will buy from again. NIck
  14. Unfortunately the web site to purchase this is no longer up. If you have one of those HID kits that tightwad sold on here and want to part with the relays I'd be interested in buying them. Both the latching and delay to keep as spares since I'm having one hell of a time finding more of them.
  15. This kit does only has low beams as HID's. The latching relay delays the firing of the 1st light util after the bike is started and then there is a 5 second delay before the other light fires off.