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Found 8 results

  1. Howdy all, I have a Gen 6, unfinished project I picked up for the sole purpose of swapping out some of the parts onto my 98 Gen 5. In particular, the full stainless Delkevic system, which looks very nice and for the couple of minutes that I had the Gen 6 started, sounded most beastly. My question to you VFR brethren is are there any difference is heads or ports or header clamps that I should know about before getting my hands dirty? The other kit to swap is an unresolved R1 front end, with R1 wheel and rotors. But that's another thread. Cheers
  2. Just finished my build. About to market it. No dynos in my area but I'd like some input on similar set up bikes. I had a 2002 with the same insert Two Brothers Black Series. Is it me or is two brothers that much better with the vtec? All thoughts and opinions welcome and valued. Just created my account, RONNIE Sales and Finance Mgr - Hart's Motorsports in my home town of Somerset, KY.
  3. I recently picked up a 98 vfr800 and it has a micron slip on but for me it's a touch too quiet (need to not only hear but feel that v4 in my bones and soul) it sounds great just on the quiet side. So my questions are : Is there a louder "slip on" if I buy headers will that increase performance and volume because I still like power and noise. I want louder but not reading
  4. For sale is a near new Delkevic 9" Oval stainless exhaust, Mid pipe and mufflers. I've had this on the bike for maybe 2 months and its had about 500 miles at most run thru it. There isnt even carbon buildup in the cans. it's in the process of a tail swap and the system wont work with it so I'm having a custom midpipe made. Still have the original box with the tube of exhaust sealant. There are zero blemishes on the system. I recently (last week) wrapped the midpipe with exhaust wrap but that will come off before shipping. Everything needed to mount this system will be included. Asking for 250 plus shipping. This system retails new for around 350-375 plus shipping (depending on where you get it) and I can include the purchase order to show how new it really is. Message me with any questions
  5. From the album: BigFish

    Little audio clip of the Delkevic high mount 18" SS after I got it installed. Definitely a deeper note and sexier look.
  6. Look what came in the mail today! From some dude in Indiana... And so it can sound and look as good as it handles! And the end result. I'd like to give a big thanks to Jamie for the great service and super quick turnaround. Now I had previously done the 929 conversion and have race tech 0.95kg springs in the front. But seeing as I am the better part of 250lbs I knew the setup was less than ideal. As I was riding down to go get the shock trying to pay particular attention to how my bike handled, I was anxious to find out if I would really notice "that much" of a difference from what I was currently running? So I set to the task of swapping out the shock and installing the Delkevic high mount. within an hour I was listening to the sweet rumble of my new 14" carbon pipe(spud out). And then I went for a ride, the only word to describe the new handling characteristics..."PLANTED" during my shakedown ride I found myself looking down at the speedometer thinking F&%K!!! this is quick!! Pretty much the best money I've ever spent on the bike. what a difference! Thanks again Jamie. Yeah the muffler is cool too. :) Jess
  7. Guest

    VFR800 Downpipes

    Need some help. I need know how to convert VFR800 2001 downpipes to work with my VFR800 2003 bike. My headers are falling apart and I found some on ebay for $250 brand new. Only problem is they are for the 1st gen. Thanks
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