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  1. BigFish


    My first street bike...had to get a VFR
  2. Winter seems longer when your bike is tucked away in the corner of the garage.

    1. MaxSwell


      How right you are. And you KNOW winter


  3. Need more days in the week so I can ride more

  4. One month in and 3100km added to her odometer. Way too much fun.

  5. New to the street bike world and just got my 1st street bike 1 week ago today..99 yellow VFR 800. Love her and have put on over 1100 km in the first 5 days of having her plated. Will be needing tires in the near future. She came with Pirelli Angel & Demons. I am thinking of replacing with Pirelli Angel GT's, but wondering if anyone has a different perspective w from your greater experience.

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