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  1. Reduce the weight, smooth out the transmission, and this could have been the "new" 6th or 7th generation. Beautiful bike with it's white wheels.
  2. PorscheBob


    Great photo of these beautiful RC30s. I had one and loved it. In my opinion this photo really shows how much nicer looking the white wheels are. I may have to get my '98 VFR wheels painted white one of these days.
  3. PorscheBob

    RC30 RHF 1024

    Like a super fool I had one and sold it. Duh A minor problem is that it was really designed for the track and not the road. First gear is tall and it overheats easily in stop and go traffic. I changed the front sprocket and that helped. Never did get the heating problem resolved. But .... it's the kind of bike that when you come home from a ride and park it in the garage, wipe it down, and then just stare and adnure it for quite a while. So.....why can't Honda build beautiful bikes like this today. Most new sport bikes, IMHO, are ugly and hurt my eyes. The RC30 colors on a 5th generation VFR would look great. I should do it ~
  4. PorscheBob

    VFR800 RC30 Paint 033

    Best looking 6th generation I ever saw! Now, you need to exchange the stock fairing fasteners to dzus fasteners like the ones on real RC30 bikes. You can get them here . . . http://kurveygirl.com/shop/index.php When I had my RC30 I sooooo appreciated the dzus fasteners. I wish the hell Honda would put them on all their bikes!
  5. PorscheBob

    in front

    My dream-wish is for Honda to give us a VFR1000cc bike with this style (maybe a little more upright riding position), with a RC30 paint scheme. This bike is soooooo much better looking than the silly new bikes with their wasp tails.
  6. I am in the early stages of restoring a 2002 model and I think this is going to be a great help. Thanks for your effort.
  7. I used the original "lever skins" for several years sport-touring on my Suzy Katana 1100. They were pretty easy to install, using an air-gun. If you don't have an air-gun you might try water. I thought they were great and I might try them again on my VFR.
  8. Does anyone else think the headlight resembles the head of a Praying Mantis? When I saw it in person that's the first thing that came to mind ~
  9. KENDALL, best crude oil in the US. Have used it for years in everything. Change it and OEM filter every 3,000 miles. Only problem is it is getting harder to find.
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