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  1. Excellent condition GIVI touring screen for VTEC series 6th Gen.No scratched or cracks or visible wear,like new. Shipping to US only... Shipping cost depend on shipping method you choose....
  2. Thanks hunting Ive been buying from for years and he usually responds pretty quickly. I like to have all part #'s ready faster and easier to check in an email than phone.Try to make it easier on him as they're giving us a nice discount and don't want to kill the golden goose.We're all doing that,..right?
  3. I just sent Keith an email for some parts but it got kicked back.Anyone know if he's still there?I haven't ordered from him in about a year so maybe he's moved on.
  4. mznyc

    Honda 250r SP

    I care.And I WANT!!!
  5. The Genesis is a convenient distance to the motel but New Paltz offers a lot of great food choices that are walking distance to the motel or a short cab ride.You could also go to the end of main street and walk back to hotel pub crawling on the way,theres about 10 of em"Some of my favs,.. Guilded Otter-Brews made on site , good gastro pub,outside seating with heaters and eye candy aint bad either ,.. Harvest Cafe-High deck facing the Gunks ,great food,service and wine list. Gadeletos-Great fish/seafood and I grew up in New England FWIW Pizza place in Gadeltos plaza-Cant remember the name,back off the road a couple doors down from Gadaletos(Not Pasquale's) I lived in Italy for a while and grew up with mostly homemade pizza and this is pretty damm close,... Enjoy! http://g.co/maps/jzsug
  6. Brian and Seb speak the truth as the progress of the clean-up is moving right along at a quick pace.I live about 10 miles from Motel 87 and ride all the roads Seb will probably map out .I went out Friday for my first ride since before Irene and most roads are in good condition.Some sand and gravel in corners that were rivers a couple of weeks ago,but overall better than I expected so don't miss out if you can get/plead for a hall pass from your better half. I'm working that weekend but could meet up with you Brian and give you some lawn chairs and figure out how to get them back later. Also anyone who can't make it this weekend ,I'll be around through mid Oct so I can show anyone the "good stuff" if I'm available.I freelance so I'm available weekdays and weekends depending on the week.A friend is coming Oct 10-13 and we'll be riding those three days,colors should be peak.We may go to Ontario,stay local,or New England.Depends on weather,our mood,or direction of the wind.
  7. Awesome ride report Mig ! Who was wearing what looked like a 20 year old Aerostich,that's what riding gear should look like.This is the only area in the country I don't have a lot of miles logged and can't wait to do a few weeks up there.No TV, beer/food a stumble away in a non corporate hotel,.that sounds perfect!
  8. Just ordered from Keith about 5% lower than Mosite's online price before the old VFRD discount,which is already about 15% off list.So about 20% off list.Years ago I had a dealer in the midwest don't remember the name,that was about 40% off list, ,oh well,.....
  9. mznyc


  10. Wow! Beautiful job.Ya Honda,take note.A V-4 would have been a much better choice for a motor in my CB 919.The RC-45 ish graphics are cool,but I would love a simple Ferrari red or satin(Asphalt) black What's your guesstamit of investment?,if you don't mind me asking.
  11. Coderighter, Power Commander and More Power only list a PC3 for 02-06 VFRs.Did you have some inside info from them or took a chance that a PC5 would work on your 06?
  12. I have the best automatic oiler, minimum maintenance system on my ST,...It's called a SHAFT! :blink: If you keep the bike for 100K all you will do is change the fluid once at 60K! Nice write-up though if we have to live in the dark age of motorcycle technology this seems like a good solution :beer:
  13. mznyc

    New York Weirdos

    Ha,Ha,fun to hear other NYCrs have to do the Street Cleaning Shuffle.Don't know how many times I came home after a night out(not on the bike)feeling very "happy" and not worrying bout moving the bike,only to wake up in a fog wondering if it was on the right side,did that for 10 years till I decided the garage is the only way to go as I had some fine bikes wreaked by NYC demolition parkers. Martinka let me know if you and your ridin buddy's want to venture north.I have a place near Woodstock,so I gotten to know the nice roads up there,colors are going to be great in a few weeks.Also pickin up a VTEC next week so cant wait to get back in the V-4 fold!
  14. mznyc

    VFR with ZG DB Right side

    Boy do I miss my '95!But I got an offer in on an '02 ABS.Maybe that will help me over my grief!
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