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  1. I'm here / I'm not here.
    Just popped in to say "Hi!" (Hi, everyone!), so that anyone who gives a damn knows I haven't carked it yet.
    Since I sold the VFR and absconded from here, not much has happened; I've worked a total of less than two weeks, earned a whopping $800 or so, sold most of my bike gear, and been fired from my most recent job. A first! And by text too! Another first! Yay!
    Oh how I laughed. Or would have, if my SpousalUnit wasn't so pissed off. :(

    So, back to housework, and getting our house ready to sell so we can downgrade.
    There are positives (apart from the 'firsts'); I don't have to commute, I'm getting really good at cooking'n'cleaning, and I get to spend a lot of time having meaningful conversations meaningless games with the dogs.
    I need a job. And another bike...


    OK - carry on. As you were. Back to enjoying being the Vifferisti Elite, you lucky LUCKY people. :/


    1. Dutchy


      If it is any consolation, I am also "in between jobs", no longer own a VFR, but already was a great cook. :-)


      No Ordinary Man - Christy Moore, but Feelin' Good - Joe Bonamassa





  2. Went for my first ride in over a month. Sure felt great.

    1. Dutchy


      Wahey!!!! Need any more duct tape?? :-)

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  3. Backing up post and pic's.

    1. Dutchy


      and post ho'ing..... :-)

  4. DRAMBUIE...... yum.

    1. Dutchy


      Try Drambuie 15 if you can... far less sweet, all of it malt whisky of at least 15 years old...

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