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  1. This is true! I've purchased from them several times. Fast ship, great pricing.
  2. I'm gone for a couple of days and miss out lol I've done the grease yer own method on mtb for a very long time. Its a shit i rode through that sand & mud for days, and no way you can wait for new bearings. But i get bmarts commentary, my pay time is worth more than doing that. It is a helpful skill to have on tap. You may want to smite someone down the road for asking🤣🤣 incidentally, i have been peeling my own sportbike tires, by hand, and balancing them by hand, for the better part of 25 years lol
  3. So as I've been collecting parts for a while now, I find myself too busy with other projects. I have decided to start letting go of my stuff. I've been out of the conversion game for a while, so i can't remember much about what all is entailed in the swap. 🤦🏻‍♂️ I have no pics but can get some sent. Rc51 conversion. 929 upper, 954, lower, rc51upper machined to fit the 54 steerer, SP1 legs fresh oil & fork seals, SP1 calipers with brakes & lines, reservoir & perch, an extra set of internals & extra set of fork seals, i also have a 929 electronic dash. I was in process of doing a fighter with the parts, but decided to make a viffer track bike, thats identical to my daily ride. I have other bits, but still digging around to find out what I have. Pm for pics. Selling for $500 for the whole swap. You still need to pay shipping
  4. You didnt get in touch with me first?! WTH
  5. 3rdgenred


  6. @BusyLittleShop i was wondering/HOPING you'd be poppin in here!!!
  7. as a 90's honda rider, i think you need to give that up because yer screename is 'captain 80's'. As such, I have moved a bike over so it'll fit in nicely here. See you this weekend.
  8. 🤔48 been ridin around for a bit. Obviously not stopping. My priorities have been ... 'if ya ain't flying by the seat of yer pants don't do it...'
  9. Hilarious!!! I think WE ALL need a good long relaxing ride weekend on our bikes!!!
  10. I'm trying to rebuild the stable. I had the 3rd gen bug since 2006 when i rode my friends. At one point had 13 of them. 90,91,92&93's respectively, and set them all up the same. Tank was super clean inside. I will take more pictures as time allows.
  11. So I found a 3rd gen a couple years ago on craigslist Wisconsin, and purchased it, from a couple of shared pictures. No keys, no title, and an attempt at resurrecting/registering the title at some point but no follow through from p.o. . What I was told, 'The bike has been in the back of my body shop, covered with dust for what I'm assuming is a VERY VERY VERY long time, I've forgotten it's been that long.' So I paid the man. I made plans to take a month off, bring my wife, my o.g. 3rd gen, pick up the bike, and stop to ride at various locations on the way there and back. We were set. Right around that time, my wife was notified she'd need to stay because a fellow employee found out she had health issues that needed immediate attention. The bike sat for 2 more years. Between my work, her work, and keeping busy with family, I finally had time to schedule a pick up and drop off this last December. I rubbed my eyes at the odometer, 20,444 miles. Looks at though it was dropped on both sides as the rider pegs broken off of both sides, small scrapes on lower fairings not broken, but scraped, o.g. vfr grips still in tact, a dash plastic, missing bar end missing. Other than that she is stock, clean, complete. am still working on her once or twice a week in small increments. I ordered tires Monday last week, and they showed yesterday. Upon inspection of the tires on the bike, i find these dates both Bridgestone BT050, and new still with the rubbers nubbins on them. Knowing that, i have no reason to believe that these aren't actual miles. I'm shocked. More later.
  12. 🤣🚨🥳 i got the bug when my uncle ran over me with a 1974 yz80😜. Crying, laughing angrily, as i was helped by the neighbor girl whom proceeded to scrub the tread marks off of my back, she asked my name and... oh uh shoot oh ya i miss the ol' days 🤭 sorry no pics. We were a lil more careful with our outlaw bahahahavior🤪
  13. The one I do not understand, or When it come about, 'i appreciate you' i keep waiting for the rest of the sentence... WHAT IN THE WORLD? 🤦🏻‍♂️
  14. If more kids were NOT in school, and had hands on influence without distractions, it would be a different society. I'm all for back to farming. Clean stalls, buck bails, gather eggs, fix fences, sow oats, shoe horses, remodel house, wrench on rust buckets, make yer own bicycle choppers with several forks from others bikes wire tied together, bb gun wars, playing tag with the bull across the property, repeat. Down by the river on a friday night... lol
  15. No doubt y'all saw the 13 yr old die on his dirt bike runnin from the popo
  16. Sorry guys. I remember growing up on a bike in the late 70's & since... helmets were optional. I get it, but that's a dad, involving his kid. The only bad thing, is the cigarette. Remember, We all drank beer when we were kids. 'Oops dad, i forgot to get your beer, be right back. there's more I can say, but why?
  17. I showed my wife your post, 'at least its not you... you have no more room' (shes crazy) lol
  18. Offer up? What Is that? I would've gone there... damn it I'm missing sh-- all the time lol lucky dog
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