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  1. I had that happen to my Z-1 back before I knew better. Found the bearings in bad shape when I took the cams out for some reason and luckily there were replaceable bearings that the cams ran in. Started running synthetic oil shortly there after too.
  2. If the person is on here that bought the front end off cheskonator, I have some questions for you as far as weight differences between 3rd gen parts and 4th gen. He told me the buyer was going to put it on a 3rd gen.
  3. It's actually better to change the oil before it sits all winter with the contaminants and acids that can mix with moisture and do bad things. If you are going to do it, do it now rather than in the spring.
  4. They could have saved even more weight if they had taken metal out of the lugs for the bolts like the 3rd gen clamp. Question. Are the bolt the same diameter and length?
  5. The amount of meat in front of the stem is what is throwing you off I think. Look at with the reference of the stem instead of the front of the clamps.
  6. Boy I wish you had weighed them to see how much difference there is. Another way to take some of the heft off the 3rd gen.
  7. If the starter is spinning, but the motor isn't, then the problem is the starter clutch and those are a known problem on these bikes. If the starter spins slowly with the starter clutch spinning the engine then the issue is electrical somewhere. Starter clutches also grab and spin and then grab again in which case they need replaced. Usually pretty noisy when they do that.
  8. So far this year I have put 1608 miles on the bike and loving every one. My mileage varies between a high of 50.3 mpg and a low of 44.7. Avg comes out to 47.2 for all tanks of fuel. The furthest I went on a tank was 202.5 miles with 4.3 gals used. I'm pretty happy with the mileage I'm getting Got a braided clutch line to go on, but they didn't have the aluminum banjo's in stk. at the time so I am waiting for those in order to put the line on. Should be close to the weight savings on the rear brake line. Also have a set of Racetech fork springs to install. Those should really help the nosedive under braking. The last couple of days I have been working on several project in the garage and while I waited for things to cool down on one I messed with the clutch and brake levers on the bike. I flattened the top and bottom of the ball on the ends and drilled a hole in the middle of the ball. After sanding and polishing they look like the stock finish and have a tricker look. Saved a whopping 4 hundredths of a pound, but the look is worth it. I did want to mention also that that stick on heat shield I used on the back side of the frame and metal shields really did cut down on the amount of felt heat on my right leg. Well worth doing.
  9. You have the center stand and the fairing on the side stand.
  10. Looks like you have every option except the clock. Really nice!
  11. I used one of those hoses with all the angles in it and made a piece using the 180. Still on the bike, but have a new piece from David Silver spares when I need it.
  12. I had the same issue and David Silver spares saved me.
  13. There is a 90 VFR in Mckinney TX. for $500 with what appears to be a Two Brothers left exit exhaust on it. It has been dumped in a field and sat for a long time so it is no beauty. forgot to mention it's on Facebook marketplace. Hope this helps someone.
  14. You could have a small exhaust leak that is letting air in and thus a mixture that will combust.
  15. A little history is good me thinks. My rear brake has worked fine until I took the footpeg mount off and it was hanging by the line to the caliper. It was even upside down at one point. Come time to ride I found the rear brake would not build pressure, the pedal just went all the way through it's travel. I tried bleeding, but it would hardly push any fluid at all. I found an oem Honda rebuild kit in stock here in town and also got a Spiegler rear brake line. With the new kit and line you couldn't ask for better once bled. It was good for the ride to get it inspected, but the next ride it required much more pressure to get any action and the brake felt wooden, almost like the caliper was frozen on the pins. Now the pedal goes through it's travel and building very little pressure and that happened the 3rd time I rode it. Kind of stumped as to what is going on. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. I finally got around to taking pictures of the ZRX and thanks to Danno I know how to load them now. You mentioned you wanted to see the bike so here goes. Well 2 of them don't want to seem to resize so I guess this is it.
  17. The starter clutch has to be making that sound. The Visions I have are known for it. A 4yr. old battery really does need load tested just to confirm it's condition.
  18. Well I got these resized and loaded. This thing sounds glorious. A little loud even with the baffle installed. Sounds perfect with earplugs and isn't even too bad without for short rides. It's a lot lighter. I think I posted the weight savings in a previous post. I can get rid of the footpeg/muffler mount altogether for some more savings. I will need to keep the upper part that the side panels bolt to.
  19. I think I may have this figured out. Thanks a lot Danno for the links. Here are some photo's from months ago. I have 2 more I want to get on here, but it may take some work to figure that out as some things don't seem to work the way they should. I did lose .25 of a pound with a Spiegler braided rear brake line and aluminum banjo bolts. Installed the oem Honda rebuild kit in the master and it worked great for about 1 long ride. Now I'm right back to not building any pressure. Not sure what is going on.
  20. Thanks a lot for that info. Now I just need to find out how to resize things.
  21. Sorry, but I thought I posted it was error code 200. Going to try another way if I can figure it out. All I get is upload failed. I don't know anything else to try. I have drug files and tried to copy them as well as choose files.
  22. I can attempt the copy/paste and see, but the cookie thing is not anything I am familiar with. Oatmeal raisin is my favorite.
  23. I get an error code when I do that. Never had any problem when I posted pictures before. Apple tells me it is something with the server on the forum and I have posted pictures other places.
  24. Sure would like to post some pictures I need to talk to someone that does the IT work on the forum. Anyone know who I need to contact? The ti Axle and nut came in the very same day the post office told me it was still being held by customs in Chicago. No tracking updates or anything. PO has a lot of problems if you ask me. Took the nut in to get it hollowed out and total saved was .25 of a pound. The new muffler showed up and could not see anyway for it to mount and actually stay in place. Had to have some stainless work and welding done to some ancillary pieces, but I think it will work out nicely. Total weight saved is 7.8 lbs which puts me at a total of 19.24 lbs lighter. The muffler savings may turn out to be more depending on a few things. Have to wait and see. I needed to get the bike safety inspected for new plates, but without the muffler I knew not to try and then I found the rear brake master wouldn't build any pressure. Local shop actually had the oem Honda kit in stk. Think I kind of lucked out there.
  25. Might check and see if there is water in your fuel. Did it run the same after the ignition switch bypass?
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