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  1. Good info to know. Thank you.
  2. That is a very valid observation and a concern I share. I figured there had to be something wrong somewhere and to allay my fears, I've gone over the bike very carefully. The speed at which I hit the car was about 35 mph. Fortunately, a lot of energy from the crash was absorbed by the front wheel (it completely shattered), the conventional front forks which bent at the weaker stanchions, the steering damper which had its mounting point bent, the front head which had a big gash in it and the mating surface for the valve cover, and the radiator and oil cooler. Everything I've replaced easily attaches at the frame mounting points too including a used rear subframe. Although not a guarantee that there are no microfractures somewhere, I haven't seen anything yet during my detailed inspections. 🙂
  3. Thanks for all the kind comments! Got her running! Below is the link to my YouTube vid. SV1000S first start after rebuild Below are a few pics of what was involved to get her running again:
  4. oldbaldsob

    Multiple Bike Disorder (MBD)

    Wow! Love those bikes.....small, nimble, economical, reliable, and naked. I think they are very cool looking bikes too. Great find at a ridiculous price!
  5. oldbaldsob

    Pardon The Nudity...

    Well this "resume" project you have shared will undoubtedly lead to a few inquiries! Best of luck but obviously, you have the skill to be successful on your own.
  6. oldbaldsob


    The tech guru on the SV1000 Portal uses this place: http://injectorrepair.com/
  7. oldbaldsob

    Mounting brackets for 6th gen vfr

    Hey Kris. Just stumbled across a web page that may be of some help: https://www.macscycle.com/honda-saddlebag-mounting-brackets-detail.htm?productid=7845402 This page lists part # 08L41-MCW-1000W saddlebag mounting brackets for the VFR 800 as being available. Hope they have them for you! edit: found an old post on the site with more information about these brackets here:
  8. oldbaldsob

    Hard Starting

    Welcome! I'm fairly new to the site as well. I brought my new to me 2008 Interceptor to the dealer for a full service as there were no service records from the previous owner. The tech at the dealer said a couple of my exhaust valves were tight resulting in the bike being harder to start than it should. My bike has about 14,000 km though. Hope you get your bike sorted. Cheers!
  9. Long story short; had a bad crash about 3 years ago on my 2005 SV100S and gave up motorcycles completely. I T-boned a kid delivering pizzas who pulled out RIGHT in front of me (wasn't able to even brake - just jumped straight up in the air and managed to save my torso at the expense of my left leg and foot-both were broken efficiently). I attribute the relative lack of damage to me from FULL gear (including Bohn Adventure shorts, Icon chest/back protector and knee/shin protectors). Then I came to my senses last year and got back into riding with a robust vengeance. Anyway, the bike was of course badly damaged with snapped front forks and crushed front end/wheel, battered tank, and other various wounds. The pizza insurance company didn't want any part of my accident and sent me a letter saying they would not pay for storage at the salvage yard. So I hobbled there and had it put on my trailer and took it out to my dad's farm where it sat until yesterday. It's in my garage now torn apart and I'm slowly piecing it back together. After I check the valves, stator magnets (SV1000S are notorious for throwing these around), and the transmission, I'll give a good cleaning (imaging what 3 years of sitting outside does to a bike) and see if I can get it running. The first pic is the before, then after, and now.
  10. oldbaldsob

    Added a 2008 VFR 800 to the stable

    LOL. There was a lad who went by "Skidz" on the SV Portal so I had to ask. Cheers!
  11. oldbaldsob

    Added a 2008 VFR 800 to the stable

    Warren, is that you? From the SV Portal?
  12. oldbaldsob

    Added a 2008 VFR 800 to the stable

    Thanks Cogswell! Yes, I do plan on going through "the drill" to address the stator. And I'm also planning on adding a voltmeter to keep tabs on my charging system. It's funny but when I was checking out the bike from the guy I bought it from, the battery was not hooked up to his charger and it wouldn't start. After a few minutes on the charger and many cranks, it finally started. But I was worried that his battery/charging system was on the out so I asked the dealer to do a battery load test when I had the bike serviced. Surprisingly, the battery load test checked out good. The thing on the swingarm hub is one of the T-Rex sliders. Not a real fan of the looks but in general, I put function over form when it comes to protection.
  13. New member here and thought I'd post up. I recently bought a real nice 2008 Interceptor (non ABS) with about 22,000 miles on it but you wouldn't know it by looking at it or riding it! Since I got for a real good price, I thought I'd just go ahead and splurge on maintenance since the guy I bought it from had no maintenance records at all and there weren't any listed when I ran the VIN check on it. Took it to the local Honda dealer and had everything done to it. They said a couple of exhaust valves were tight resulting in it being harder to start than it should. Anyway, I immediately put T-Rex frame/axle sliders all around at the dealership when I picked it up (BIG believer in frame sliders). The only other mods I've done so are an SAE Optimate charger battery attachment, reflective silver rim tape, and a Competition Werkes fender eliminator since the bike already had the mud guard removed and I just didn't like how that looked. Also, it came with Throttlemeister bar ends so that was pretty cool. Looking forward to getting the know the bike and learn more about it here. Cheers!

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