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  1. Funny thing is had Ohlins on a Triumph Sprint, rear shock leaked at 24000 klicks.... FG on VFR now at 38000 k's and still good.🤙
  2. https://www.fggubellini.com/en/s-2/brand-honda/model-vfr_1200_f_1200cc/year-2009_2016. IMO best value for money
  3. Your a harder man than me D, any thing below 5C* I go back to sleep 😅
  4. Below O ?? My advice, get in the car. F or C ? Please let me know how that front pressure goes. Interested!
  5. Andy I love leaning !!! 😁😍 Yose seriously start at 35psi and report back with the pressure change, I bet you will struggle to get it to rise 2psi unless you get into some nice corners with plenty of drive out throttle. 👊💪
  6. SS I believe most manufacture's are just "A" covering now a days with the pressure recommendation as previously stated! Just thought I would post a picture of my front tire so as to show how one is able to read your tires regards suspension settings. I have a Kit supplied by these people in the front forks, https://www.fggubellini.com/en/. The kit seems well made and is really sensitive to adjustment. I have now sorted it with the correct fork oil as the supplied oil was just to heavy for our crap roads. As I have mentioned before our back roads a notoriously rough so I have been experimenting with settings. I turned the rebound adjusters IN 2 clicks and road about 160k's on a favorite twisty road. The result is the rebound damping was to tight and the result is the raised edges that is visible in the pics. For those of you who are into this stuff this site is quite good.........https://lifeatlean.com/motorcycle-tyre-wear-guide/. For educational purposes only.😀🙁
  7. Andy start at 37 ride 15 miles or there about preferably some nice bend carving and work the tyre then look for a 3-4psi increase. As an example temp here Saturday about 27c started at 32psi rear, rode 20k's on a twisty rough road, checked, my increase was 3.5 psi continued for another 120k's checked again at home was 4psi, I'm happy with that. Cheers.............. 😎 Be mindful different brand's different pressure change, mine Bridgestone T31.
  8. Try this site may help........ http://www.bikerscave.com/tires.html Cheers
  9. Dustin is your standard rear a 180/55 ZR 17 M/C (73W) TL ?? Why I ask the 73W load rating is 805lbs @ 42psi Pleased to see your BS man, I thought the S21 were great but the heavy 1200 used the front tyre to quickly so I thought I would try a more Touring type tyre. T31.......... Cheers
  10. Correct Dustin, start at 42psi rear if you are carrying 387kg's/853lbs that is why the people that made the tire went to all the trouble to put it on the side wall because that is the pressure required for that load. Personally my VFR1200 never carries that load so I cannot run 42psi because it would be over inflated wouldn't it. How ever if I had a FULL Top Box, Panniers, and a Pillion at 100kg/220lb sitting over the rear tire 42psi would be required and that is why the people that made the tire and the Motorcycle manufacture that fitted that size rim to take a 190/55 recommend 42psi because when people don't pressure the tire to its Load Rating and (I have ridden with plenty of those over the last forty years) then crash because the tire over heats and fails because it is under inflated you've got no hope re Litigation.. My only reason for my first post was to give people the benefit of my years of motor cycling experience and having worked in the tire game. A simple general rule no matter what your riding style/type is 2-4psi (for me 3-4) from cold will always work and always has done. Personally my favorite tire after many years of trail and error and trust me I have tried them all is Bridgetone starting with Bt023, S20, S20evo, S21, and now the T31 because as stated earlier I wear the front tire out to quickly, so time will tell. I will try to attach a file from Bridgestone for tires for track day use, interesting reading. The most relevant for me is the T30 190/55 (2.2bar=32psi) and funny enough the pressure's I use for road use are only slightly higher due to higher temp's generated on a track thus more pressure rise. Hope this helps... Bridgestone Tyre Pressures.pdf
  11. My back ground is over dimensional and over mass vehicles, trust me tyres/tires for eg. 26000kg/57000lbs on 8 wheels were a massive cost, so load and pressures consumed my mind set because the dollars are big if you stuff up..and no wheel set ran the same pressures because the loads were not equal. Now to reiterate, my rear for example is a 190/55x17 and on the side wall the manufacture clearly states if you are going to carry 387kg's/853lbs you must inflate to 42psi. Now in my case my motorcycle has two wheels so unless I get my 260kg/573lb bike plus my 85kg's/188lb fat person on the rear wheel only that makes 345kg's/760lb so I still have not reached the recommended load to have 42psi in the tire. So now we understand the pressure for the load, and we are always keeping in mind aren't we that the tire is also part of the suspension system for the bike because it contains air which compresses under load! Personally I like to have a comfortable ride rather than the crap flogged out of me because I have way over pressured my tires. So if one thinks 42psi (as in my case one up) is correct pressure I would say get of the drugs and seek professional help. Now in my 190/55 it likes 33psi and hot it gets to 37psi, and here in summer if it is really stinking hot (35c/95f and more) I may need 36psi. The tire has a nice wear pattern from edge to edge so is working well. What is also helpful is the front is almost the same in pressures. Now what must be stated a friend with the same bike at 33psi always struggles to get a 4psi change because he rides more conservatively and is never able to get to the edge of the tire. Chicken strip I think its called! :-)... Cheers
  12. Dustin you are so right, the manufactures are ass covering, I recall my FJR 1300 had 36psi rear one up and 42psi two up in the manual. My Honda is 42psi no mention of one or two or load nothing! Guess what pressure's is written on the tyre, u guessed it 42. Surely even the village idiot would understand that round black thing that your life relies on has to have pressure in it to carry the required load and also reach a temperature that allows it to grip the road as the manufacture intended!!!!!!!!!!! Well u can't put brains into statues 😳
  13. Hi I have 2000ks on a set of the new Bridge Stone T31's and just just love them. I must add on this particular bike I always wear the fronts out almost 2 to 1 no matter which brand, the forks are dropped 4mm which loads the front more and also clearly that is my riding style and our crap roads. Also the rear grip is a big surprise on the edge of the this Tyre. As regards pressure I am still amazed how many people have no clue. Rode recently with 4 people two of which I had never ridden with before. The ambient temp was about 9c/48F. I was chasing one of the new guys on his Suzuki Hayabusa (comparable weight wise to a VFR) it was fast fun for about 40 k's when inexplicably he folded the front at 60 mph and was a very lucky boy and went down between a couple of large trees, lucky we had had rain a few days before as the road edge was real soft so bike damage was minimal considering. He was able to ride away, lucky! The first thing I noticed as we dragged his bike back to the black stuff was how little to no temperature in the front Tyre, strange I thought as we had been really going for it. Went to my bike grabbed the front Tyre and it was well warm and we had been stationary for a time helping him. We slowly made our way to a fuel station to clean up the dirt off his bike when I had to asked him what Tyre pressures do you run, his reply shocked me, 42 psi front and rear. WTF I thought, no wonder he had no heat in the front and crashed. Shit that bike must ride hard because the roads are real rough in that area and particularly where he crashed. I explained to him a good rule of thumb is ride the bike through some nice twisty road for about 15k's then check pressure and look for a 3-4 psi increase from cold. He was clearly interested enough to listen to my advice and called me back about two weeks later and told me he had settled on about 34 psi cold and was getting 37-38 hot and his rear was down to almost the same to get the 3-4 psi rise, and he stated the ride was so much more comfortable! Two up is different of course. He had based his pressures on the pressure written on the rear Tyre which stated 42 psi cold for a given weight, my bike may come close to that weight two up and wheel standing and if I keep that up for a 100ks I may get a 3-4psi rise in pressure really! That ought to start some discussion. 🙂 Bridgestone T31 GT I would not use unless you ride two up with gear which I never do. Too hard!!!
  14. Thanks andy. Should quantify statement regards more torque. The length of the pipe after the collectors is now approximately 3 times longer than standard which apparently aids torque output.
  15. Now have a few hundred K's on the new exhaust, as the exhaust maker said I will notice the improved torque...Well the seat of the pants tells me the low down grunt has improved. Clearly the decat and Guhl has helped.
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