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  1. Hi CVVFR, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  2. Feel for you Kevin I’m having a problem as well. Believe it is the stator again. Will limp into Custer and if needed order one in. Good luck with your bike.
  3. Not sure if that will work. Is there any room across the street or further down the road? 😀😀😀
  4. Looks like a great route. Enjoy!!
  5. We were there in July before Sturgis and had no problems with Cruiser traffic. Not certain but I believe a Custer meet would be in July. Perhaps Tony can confirm.
  6. Thumper Are you bringing your camera gear? Some of your pictures would make the event even more memorable.
  7. CVVFR


  8. Not onpurpose. Used a paint code from the wife's car (really close) then the painter worked it best he could. Dam good job he did.

  9. Hey Tony,

    Did you match the Blue of the bike?

  10. CVVFR


    Pictures after 08/06/09 crash.
  11. Here's your comment: When you gonna buy me a beer? Or do I owe you one? I can't keep track!

  12. CVVFR


  13. CVVFR


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