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  1. Thanks Randy. I had hoped to spend some time at the hotel to kvetch but I lost some time chasing down a no-hot-start situation. That pre Ride looked awesome except the trailriding. Could not find reference to it prior soooo.......
  2. Ahhh, for those of us less fortunate in terms of geography and the Event dates compromises are made. I checked the 10 day before driving 14 hours to Robbinsville. As Sun. Mon. and Tues. were to be dry in all forecasts and there were slightly higher chances of rain daily after that, I took the Three Day Guarantee and dodged around the weather for three more. Wed. was beautiful in N.GA, Thurs was a one hour delay(pic). Still Worth The Drive Did not attend last year due to the weather. BTW, Dragons Rest Cabins in R'ville. Recommended.
  3. Thanks as well for the pics Sweeper, for those not on FFff book. While I did not hang around I met Rice and friend at the hotel and spent a good day riding with them and again on Friday (ever so briefly on 129 GA). Met Balint and friend at the overlook as well on Thurs(?). It was really good to see some of the TMAC Crewe including Ben and Bob. The Fall Ride bekons as I may be in the area early Oct.
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