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  1. That first picture is amazing, would love to ride there. A nice relaxed pace on a warm sunny day up that road...that would be just perfect.
  2. Ashok

    Park shot 8x5

    That is a very, very sexy bike.
  3. Ashok

    Monitor Pass.

    Stunning views! Motorcycle or car, I hope to go there someday.
  4. Ashok


    Cool photo
  5. :-) there are multiple ways that title can be interpreted
  6. Ashok

    VFR SF 1

    That looks awesome! Don't really care much usually for streetfighter mods but this is very cool!
  7. Ashok

    RT 49 Heaven

    That's stunning.
  8. Ashok

    Another Lake

    That's gorgeous
  9. Ashok

    bike 003.JPG

    Sweet bike. Are these rarer than the RC30?
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