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    The bike Honda never made, so I did.
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    From the album: VFR1200SP-eVo4

    Parked in a layby in the Alps just up from a hairpin used to photograph new Jaguar F-Pace
  3. BiKenG


    From the album: VFR1200SP-eVo4

    Parked in a layby in the Alps just up from a hairpin used to photograph new Jaguar F-Pace
  4. BiKenG

    IMG 0714

    From the album: VFR1200SP-eVo4

  5. BiKenG

    IMG 0713

    From the album: VFR1200SP-eVo4

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    IMG 0712

    From the album: VFR1200SP-eVo4

  7. BiKenG

    IMG 0711

    From the album: VFR1200SP-eVo4

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    IMG 0710

    From the album: VFR1200SP-eVo4

  9. BiKenG

    IMG 0709

    From the album: VFR1200SP-eVo4

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    IMG 0708

    From the album: VFR1200SP-eVo4

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    IMG 0707

    From the album: VFR1200SP-eVo4

  12. BiKenG

    Naked Vfr

    There's quite a few of us in the process of converting, or have already converted a VFR into a naked roadster and I think there'd be a demand if Honda was to actually produce one. Sometimes I feel Honda don't have the ability to design an appealing naked, but then I see something like this and I am again convinced they can if they want. But why don't they want. I think this is great styling. Not perfect, but it's really good. Ticks the right boxes but manages to look sufficiently different to be interesting. I guess I still wouldn't want a VFR in that style though as it would of course be V-Tec and that's not something I'm interested in. Mind you, if they dropped V-Tec... A pre V-tec VFR800 done like that is where I'm heading with my project.
  13. Just a thought and ignoring the loss of gear position indication, what if you simply tell the bike it's in just one gear the whole time, like 3rd, or 4th or even top? How would the bike run? Anyone tried that?
  14. Resurrecting this thread as someone may know the answer to a question I have. Apart from the power restriction we know about, how else does the gear position affect the behaviour of the ECU? What would be the effect of modifying the wiring so that the ECU thought it was in e.g. 4th, all the time (apart from when in neutral of course)? Since we now know that some bikes have restrictions in 1, 2, 3 and 6, forcing the ECU to think it was always in fourth would prevent any restriction, but what other effect would that have? I've not been able to think of any other reason for the ECU to know what gear it is in. Anyone any ideas about this? Please ignore the fact that the gear position indicator would be useless as that's not relevant to what I'm trying to do. I just want to know if there would be any detrimental effect on how the ECU ran the engine.
  15. I couldn't help but notice a distinct lack of interest in my CrossTourer tank suggestion which is somewhat surprising since it may well offer exactly what everyone on this thread is asking for. Anyway, I looked into it a bit further and it looks quite promising. The air box is the same on both bikes, so the underside of both tanks would match. Also, the front tank mounts would appear to be the same. So where does that get us... No current info on rear tank mount, but I suspect it will fit. Then there's the air intakes. These are the same, but there'd be no plastic side panel to cover them and blend into the fairing, so something would need to be done there. Finally, the CrossTourer tank is a fair bit taller and that may cause a problem with the handlebars, but that needs testing to finally determine if it is a problem. Then there's overall appearance. Whether it would look ok would be up to the individual, but you can't have everything. So, it seems to me it would be worth pursuing. Anyone got both types of VFR and could check? One more point about using the CrossTourer tank is fitting the seat as they are slightly different at the front. That would also need to be tested, but it is possible that the front of the F seat could just be scrunched to fit, it is kinda flexible after all. We need someone to try this out.
  16. Has anyone tried fitting the VFR1200X Crosstourer tank? I know it won't be a straight swap and will require other bits, but it is 21L so must be worth a bit of investigation. Anyone had a look at this?
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