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  1. Never followed back up on this post. Problem has been resolved. I had on hand or ordered, get this, not 1, not 2, but 3 used rotors that all had issues. They all had some degree of warp or bend in the carrier. Sucked it up and bought some new wave rotors and they are running nice and true. Front caliper movement is virtually non existent now and there is no odd drag when freely rotating the wheel and rotor.
  2. Flush and bleed. My clutch was giving me some weird feel issues. Engagement was not what I would call "normal" or consistent. I vacuum bleed the system with all new fluid and it is like a new bike again. Much better feel and engagement. Actually lower lever effort as well. The old fluid was not low and did not look particularly dark or contaminated but the fresh fluid still did wonders.
  3. Not sure what the honda manual directly describes but tube depth in the clamps was measured with digital calipers. The axle fits through cleanly so no binding i.e. one fork lower sitting further forward than the other.
  4. My 98 was down and some point in its past before my ownership. Something is off in the front right fork tube, brake caliper, or wheel and I can not seem to sort it. I thought a warped or damaged rotor was the obvious simple culprit. but I swapped a known good rotor onto the bike with new pads and the issue remains. I even went so far as to check it for runout and flatness before it was installed (lathe and a dial indicator). I can look down at the front right caliper while riding and I can see the caliper pulse side to side. There is little to no noticeable noise or vibration when rolling forward. When rolling the bike backwards it does make a fairly harsh metallic grinding noise/pulse at a point in the rotation. It is not a constant grinding noise. I have had the calipers and rotors off the bike a dozen times. I have not found anything obviously tweaked. I have taken a stone and a file to make sure no burrs or dings were on the mounting surfaces. At this point I am ready to start throwing parts at it and undergo a front end rebuild/upgrade while I am at it. Any thoughts before I try to source some new forks, a new caliper, yet more rotors, and all the parts to rebuild the forks? Other things. The wheels have been balanced. The left side caliper is rock steady with no pulsing or movement while riding. Currently all parts except the pads are OEM Honda with no aftermarket components. There is no obvious damage to the wheels or the tubes like gouges, scratches, ect.
  5. MidTNJasonF

    Givi Tanklock Tank Bag

    install and modification of the Givi Tanklock System tank bag.
  6. You do realize that the board crashed and all the posts that were prior to the crash lost the User Data, Avatars, Post Counts, Signature Information, ect. right?
  7. MidTNJasonF


    Photos of my new VFR800
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