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  1. I’m thankful you found it when you did... I knew someone from high school that died from a snapped chain that wrapped around the sprocket seizing the rear wheel and put them down on the road in traffic. Please everyone... don’t neglect your chain.
  2. IMG_5096.JPG

    Still, IMHO... the best looking example of a 5th gen out there! Well done!
  3. Tires again !!

    I get about a 2:1 ratio front to rear on my 5th gen also... I love to accelerate hard off the edges and I steer with the rear quite a bit. You know better than I do about the torque and power of the 1200... I've only seen it leading the way through the twisty Arkansas Mtns... I couldn't carry enough speed to make it past GloryRacing on Push Mtn road when he was piloting his 1200... and he had a pillion! It's no wonder you wear out tires quick if you ride "enthusiastically".
  4. Tires again !!

    Did you use the GT-A spec Angel's? I believe they have the sturdier side walls for less tire flex and better wear for the heavier weight sport tourers like the VFR1200 and ZX14. I get 4,500 miles out of my Angel GT rears of solid hard edge to edge riding... but that is the regular spec GT's on a Y2K 800... then again, with my fat a$$ our bikes probably are close to the same weight
  5. Do I need a new screen name?

    Congratulations Timmy!!! Your captain looks happier to see you go than you do... why is that? Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and long retirement. It looks like you’re setting yourself up nicely in a great location with a good retirement job. I’m looking forward for my retirement and relocating to Eastern TN was my first choice for a variety of reasons... We are planning on selling the house next year to initiate the 6 year retirement plan. Good luck! PS: keep the TTC screen name...
  6. 767335

    Thanks Miguel! Seeing me & my bike featured is a GREAT way to start the week! I’m looking forward to grooving on those Smokey Mountain twisties again! if you look close you can see the clouds and trees reflecting off ZoomZoom’s polished pressure plate through SebSpeed’s beautiful clutch window! With Jamie Daughtery’s suspension, mello dude’s pair block off plates, Codewriters BMC air filter mod, BaileyRock’s borrowed battery, and many others this bike has been touched by quite a few forum members. Thanks to all the VFRD family for insights, feedback, and support! PS: ... and not to forget the Carver Clan et al that literally got their hands all over my bike lifting it out of the gulley... thanks for not using the blinkers and mirrors to pick it up!
  7. Hello Again From Middle America!

    Older picture of my Frankenbike project... I'm calling it my RVF800. There used to be a build thread but I can't find it. ... and I picked up a new drive. I wanted a used 2 seater convertible hard top with a manual transmission and this is one of the few ones I could find. When I bought it there were only 3 SLK350's for sale in the U.S. with manual trannys. Nobody in U.S. buys a MB with a manual shift. Needed a little work and I paid half what I paid for my wife's Civic.... and it's versatile too!
  8. Hello Again From Middle America!

    Damn!!! That is one sexy ride... I’ll grab some pics when I get on my laptop
  9. Not happy with my Delkevic high-mount slip-on

    +1, couldn’t agree more I’ve got a Y2K pushing through ceramic coated 99 headers with polished welds and a PCII and I never got the ignition table to run well... I didn’t spend to much time on it because I didn’t have access to a Dyno and I didn’t want to risk engine damage. To be safe you need knock sensors on the engine that pick up detonation before you start hearing it when advancing timing. I used crowd logic and averaged all the corresponding cells of every available table from the company for a 5th gen PCII then smoothed all the transitions from neighboring cells for my map. Runs really well on my bike, only issue is some subtle surging and adjusting at the flapper valve transition rpms (mine is de-flappered). I also have a RB Race with wide band O2 NIB that I was planning on installing with new performance headers... planning on welding on an O2 bung this Spring on my current headers. I’ll post up if I get some dyno runs.
  10. So I might have done a thing......

    Did you try a Mity-Vac or another vacuum brake bleeding device? I did my LBS with new braided SS lines and it came out great. Patience and systematic approach and everything worked well. Trick was to vacuum bleed the upper valve under the seat. Brake performance was greatly improved.
  11. +1... rubbing is racing... The kid made a couple of bad split second racing decisions...
  12. Full Exhaust System from Delkevic

    I guess I'll answer my own question... looks like they spread the front primary pipes to make room for the 8th gen fan.
  13. Full Exhaust System from Delkevic

    Looks pretty similar to the old VTEC Delkevic headers... what's the difference?

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