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  1. I have a small group meeting at my house in Squamish Thursday night for dinner and departing Friday morning to head up over the Duffy. Anyone interested in joining us are welcome to PM me. As always we have a no spooning and no axe-murderer rule. Mike Sz
  2. +5 a BBQ would be nice but a big PITA pay for your own when you get there. Maybe we could get a group discount and/or a set menu but whatever, it is what it is...
  3. Wow. This was not for the faint of heart. First I feel the need to say the supplied instructions were horrible. Were it not for this thread I dare say this wouldn't have been possible. All the parts to my door were $700CAN. For that I expected model specific instructions and current pictures as the piston design has changed creating uncertainty for me. Having said all that the customer service was EXCELLENT. Louie Martinez in the tech dept met my questions with empathy and genuine concern. He texted me pictures of where to drill the damn holes and continued to support me via text from his own phone. Really I cant expect more than that.
  4. Can someone direct me to the thread for measuring the Race tech spring preload spacers? I hope that if I post it here I'll find the damn thing... Many thanks
  5. So dissapointed. not long before the Kootney Hootenany and seeing Veffer's bike I tossed a cracked side cover in the scrap metal bin; would have been perfect for this!
  6. Has anyone ever found an OEM bar off some old bike that does the trick?? Do the heli bars have the pin in the bottom to keep them from rotating on the top of the fork tube?
  7. Saw your article in the M/C mag, thought you looked familiar but couldn't place you until now. Nice article, didn't know you were a writer too! See you next ride.

  8. Squamishvfr


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