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  1. I have a new PCV and Auto tune module for sale near Vancouver Canada. (Squamish). I tried to fit it to my 2001 and while some have had success, I have not. I would prefer local pickup if anyone close is interested. $700 CAD or partial swap if you have an old PC3.
  2. Hi All, You might remember me from some of the rides, of which we are overdue for another. I tried to fit a PCV to my Gen 5 and it didn't work. I'd like to offer it up for local pickup first if anyone with a Gen 6 is interested. Both units are new. AT 200 Auto tune kit and the 16-005 PCV. We can talk about price if anyone is interested. I would also be interested if anyone want's to swap with a good PC3 and some cash. If you are not mechanically inclined and don't mind the ride to Squamish I may even help you install it. If no one is interested I will move it up the chain. Current value at Bayside is $940 Cheers
  3. So I installed the cleaned CRV injectors and the PCV, hooked it up to the laptop and it still thinks it is blipping up to 50K rpm. I took it on the road and confirmed that it still stutters on acceleration. So I have some PCV and Autotune for sale in SW Canada.... Another change I have noticed recently is the dynojet website no longer lists a power commander at all for a '00/'01VFR so obvioulsly they have identified a problem. Funny thing is there is nothing listed for an '02-'05 either....
  4. Yes, looking closer at this I think I will skip the VTR fan blade as if I need the bike to cool anywhere, I need it to cool in traffic. Even adding an override switch won't help that.
  5. So haven't quite given up yet. I pulled the throttle body and the injectors for cleaning and servicing at a fuel injection shop. They told me two of them are fine but the other two are dumping fuel. So if nothing else and despite the fact that the bike runs well, this is a verified issue that will be fixed. They don't sell fuel injectors and new ones are not available from the Dealer ($300+) for several months. Aftermarket Automotive are also a no go here in Canada. I called the Auto dealers to confirm that the Honda CRV 97-2001 use the same injector with the same part number but they too have none for several weeks. I then went to a car wreaker and bought a rail of four injectors for $75 and dropped those off at the fuel injection place asking for two of the best ones. Waiting to hear back. I will install the serviced injectors, Replace the T-stat anyway as well as a good time for silicone hoses and a flush. Someone also mentioned going with a VTR reverse fan to blow out rather than in, Hadn't heard of that one. Will try the PCV again and then if it doesn't work I will sell them off. Stand by a couple weeks for the results.
  6. Hi from Squamish. Sprokets I use OEM and chain DID. Bad luck with RK. Other parts I use Bayside Performance South Van. Kevin is his name as I recall. Cheers.
  7. Installed a brand new PCV and a fail. Same problem. Different map same problem. Tell tale indicator is while monitoring the map and running up the throttle the RPM readout flashes up in the 35-55,000 rpm range. Just a flash. So I’m done. I pulled the gear and will put it up for sale shortly. In BC Canada Who else makes a good tuner for a Gen 5? DCD9C6C8-A2B6-4E7D-8A1A-98BFBA214E5C.MOV
  8. Well yeah I see your point. At this stage I need to press forward with a few assumptions: 1- that there is nothing wrong with my bike and that the problem is with a several years old PCV that I was given as a gift. There is still a very small chance that there is an issue that has no effect on the Honda ECU/system but will affect the PCV because of the way it taps in for power and signals. This would be engineering level diagnostics on a dyno to sort out. Even with my years of experience this would be beyond my reach or patients Very small chance of a bike problem but I have to recognize that it's not zero. There also could be an undetected difference between Honda's ECU's as well so if one had a bike that was running well they could be swapped to find out? 2- My hope is that when they eliminated the PC3 for late Gen 5's they changed the hardware in the PCV to accommodate the Gen 5. The guys on the phone tell me there is zero difference now between a Gen 5 and Gen 6 but they wouldn't know if that were always the case. They deal with so many bikes every day how could they? It may not even be in their internal communications because it is a irrelevant bit on minutia to them. You'd have to find that one engineer who worked on the problem off in the corner. If when they send me a latest version of the PC5 and it too stutters then I guess It's a done deal, I strip off the PCV and the AT and sell it to someone with a Gen 6 and try some other product. If it works then we can assume that #2 above is true, I will report back to them on my case number and maybe they make a note of it for future cases. Additionally a friend is going to loan me his PCV off of his bike to try which would further reinforce #2 if it fails to work. One way or another the trials will soon come to a close as I'm not going to chase after this much further. Stand by about two weeks as the PCV is on back order.
  9. So I sent the PCV back to Dyno-Jet. The unit passed all bench tests. They even did a dynamic test on their VFR training bike and said it worked fine. They told me they updated the firmware in a way I could not and with updates I don't have access to, and they sent it back to me with a standard caution about ground connections. I installed it with the ground wired directly to the battery and it still stuttered on acceleration. They told me it could be a + power problem in the harness. Having reached the limit of what I could do while actually riding the bike I booked it in with a dyno operator 1.5 hrs away. Within 5 min of the first roll on he told me "I can't fix that". We verified good voltage to the PCV and noted that when it stutters the bike thinks it is doing 23,000 or so rpm...We confirmed the issue still exists with a zero map. Confirmed the bike runs fine without the PCV. Spoke to Dyno-Jet again after a 45 min on hold and we sorted out two things; the first was that Dyno-Jet will sell me a new unit (mine way out of warranty) at a discount if I send them mine, "just to end the hate" as my Dyno guy said, and the other was that there is a back door phone code for their dyno operators to save them from long wait times. Twenty years of work and the dyno guy was never told that, so we both got something good out of the day. So I sent them back my unit and awaiting the new one to arrive. A couple of thoughts: Dyno-Jet insists that the PCV for the V-tec and non V-tec bikes are the same save the map, and I know they are the factory but I am not so convinced. I remember posts of other Gen 5 owners who could not get the system to work for them in the early days of the PCV. Not sure what DJ changed but I think maybe a case of corporate lost knowledge and the new ones have different hardware that serves both models? The test bike they tried it on was a 2009 and I believe them when they say it ran fine. I suggested to my dyno guy that I pitch the whole works and buy some other product but he claims that the PCV is the best of the bunch. I guess time will tell. I do have to mention that I have been twisting wrenches my whole life and kinda like a challenge so this one is interesting for sure but in all my years I don't recall ever getting this kind of customer service from a company for their product. Kudos to them for sure. Certainly if it all works out I will have gone from likely never buying their products for future motos to never buying anything but DJ's. Wish me luck.
  10. I thought I replied to this last night. Don't worry about it. If you are running the latest firmware it indicates this may be a hardware problem I will send it back to DJ for assessment.
  11. I have O2 eliminators and no Fi light or codes. The O2 sensor bung is welded into the tailpipe just before the slip on. It was the only place I could put it. (‘98 Cat less exhaust) farther away from the action than I’d like but its working well as my AT tables are coming back in the low single digits as they should
  12. Knight have you actually got a PCV working properly on your current bike? Can you tell me what firmware version you have it running on?
  13. Tried slightly earlier firmware version with no luck, but I think the first version was even older so that can't be entirely eliminated. Regardless the earlier version would only be a band-aid until they updated the current version Tried a zero map + the latest firmware again and some kind of toggle switch eliminator patch they requested, pulled the AT CAN cable out as well as turned AT off in the software. Still surges, particularly at smaller throttle openings. Very Frustrating but I have to say DJ tech support is being very good about it. So far very helpful and I don't feel like I've been abandoned...yet.
  14. Yes I think you are correct, the connectors are different I think. later versions are the same as a Gen 6. I think the issue remains in the firmware. as a whole the system appears to be working as intended. The AT is trimming small numbers now. I will call Dyno Jet tomorrow. In the meantime if anyone has a PCV working well on a 2000 or 2001 do post up and let me know what program and more importantly the firmware version you are running. Many thanks
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